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About the company: Anorak Technologies offers a fully-automated life insurance advisory platform. Using their software, they help make it easier for everyday consumers to discover, determine and purchase life insurance with ease.

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David Vanek
David Vanek


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The Challenge

As the CEO of this fast-growing company, David Vanek found himself in charge of the entire company’s overwhelming HR needs. With his time already stretched to the brink, he needed a solution. More important than just saving time though, he wanted a better way to manage, automate and expand the company’s overall HR function for strategic success.

I had information scattered everywhere.

During this time, onboarding employees was an especially difficult task. For each hire, David found himself searching through the same documents and putting together the same processes without ever saving time. He knew he needed to invest in something better.

  • Lack of automated processes

  • Not an effective way to engage employees

  • Difficult to track metrics and pull together reporting

HR employee
weeks to full implementation

People always think that it’s a cost to invest in an HR system. I think it’s a saving.

The Decision

When it came down to it, choosing Personio was not difficult: “It was a very easy decision because the HR team is me. I had to make my life easier by investing in a better system,” David says. Moreover, he needed to find the right, scalable solution to help save him time so he could focus on growing his business. For those reasons, he decided that Personio was the exact right choice for his needs.

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The Implementation

From start to finish, David was especially impressed with Personio’s streamlined onboarding process: “It was quite fast…it took a few hours of my time, across two to three weeks.” Within only a short period of time, David was able to immediately begin using Personio to help save time and automate otherwise tedious tasks.

An efficient process like the one he received from Personio even gave David his own ideas: “I got inspiration from the process to improve our own processes because it was done in such a structured way and with no shortcuts,” he explains.

I know that a lot of thought has gone into the product. Each time I need something, I find it.

The Result

Even though he remains the sole person in charge of HR, implementing Personio has allowed David to save time on just about everything. When it comes to onboarding, David has used Personio to create automated workflows. What was once a ‘pain’ is now a pleasure.

“I [also] think Personio has made the task management that you have to manage as an employee far easier…from an employee’s standpoint, it is far more professional and engaging,” explains David. Personio provides a platform that employees enjoy using and David has received nothing but positive feedback.

On top of all that, Personio has made ‘people data’ far clearer: “We can track absences, working from home days and the evolution of headcounts per team… We now have a segmentation of our HR data that is extremely powerful and very accessible with Personio,” says David.

  • Improved clarity and transparency

  • More efficient and automated processes

  • Insightful data and reporting functions

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

David appreciates the expert engineering that goes into Personio. In his own words: “All of the functionalities are great and thought through very carefully… You can see that the platform is evolving very quickly with new features and functionalities released regularly.”

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