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About the company: Tradedoubler is a Stockholm-based global affiliate marketing network with 21 years of expertise in data marketing innovation. They are home to over 260 employees, working from 13 different offices. The company operates in 81 countries worldwide.

My Linholm, Tradedoubler

My Lindholm
HR Partner

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The Challenges

When My started working at Tradedoubler, in November of 2019, the company was mainly using Excel sheets to keep track of their most important HR data. This meant most data came through email, had to be sorted, and took a lot of time with less-than-reliable results. This was an issue specifically when it came to producing reports. Not only did it take days to track the data, but it was also hard to operate with full confidence that the data, and the report, were as accurate as possible. The process simply was not smooth enough.

You always needed to double-check for every single employee.

Tradedoubler needed a solution that would help reduce time, improve accuracy, and offered a solution that would be both GDPR compliant and flexible to the changing needs across multiple European countries

Manual processes that held back the reliability of their data

The inability to create reports that could help with data-driven decisions

Too much time spent maintaining data and not enough strategizing



years in business

We are a really entrepreneurial company, so a decision does not take much time when you find the right tool.

The Decision

As an international company, Tradedoubler knew that their needs were diverse and they needed a solution that could accommodate those needs. This meant finding user-friendly and reliable software to help ensure global implementation would be seamless. They also needed a system that could not only collect their employee data, but could track it, and could result in reliable reporting to help power decision making. In the end, this meant deciding on Personio as their solution of choice.

When it came to deciding on Personio, Tradedoubler’s CEO, Matthias Stadelmeyer, was actively involved in the decision-making process. After introducing Personio, it only took 12 days to decide that it was the ideal solution to help Tradedoubler’s HR processes. In Matthias’ own words, “Personio is very straightforward and easy to understand and easy to use. It also fits our needs (not too much, not too little). The support of the salesperson was also very good – relevant, fact-based, direct.”

The Implementation

By the time My began working at Tradedoubler, Personio had already been chosen and implementation was well underway. This meant that, in her second week, she was tasked with helping pick up this system and running with it. And, for My, it was easier than she could have hoped. “Something I am really amazed about is all the step-by-step guides that Personio has and the guidance…they are so easy to follow.” This allowed her to help set up Personio in ten different countries!

I was really amazed at how easy it was to follow Personio’s guidance.

In fact, given the resources and guides that Personio offers, whenever she needed a new function or process, there was almost always a guide there to help her along the way. The result was a seamless and tailored implementation process to their needs.

The Result

As hoped, the introduction of Personio saved My and her team time, boosted the reliability of their data, and made reporting easier than ever. The result was even more transparency to help them design and deliver strategic HR initiatives. As My puts it, “We can see how many people are onboarding, how many are offboarding, and we can track that everybody has the right access and everybody gets the right information. For me to know exactly who is joining where, daily, that gives us a great level of transparency.”

It also provided a new level of cooperation between Country Managers across markets. Before Personio, Country Managers (not HR employees) were tasked with collecting relevant HR data. Now, that data is automatically collected, and “we can focus our meetings on other things rather than just HR data,” as My states. Now, when customers, internal stakeholders, or local governments require data, they can have reports prepared in only a few clicks. Tracking is easier, information is more correct, and everyone has access to exactly what they need.

One GDPR-proof solution for thirteen offices

Proper access to reliable, error-free data for tracking and reporting

More time for strategic initiatives powered by next-level data access

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

My appreciates the fact that Personio is both user-friendly and adjustable, she puts it best, “My favorite part of Personio is that I can seamlessly adjust it. When something changes in the company, I can adjust it very easily.” On top of that, she goes on to describe the user-friendliness of Personio, “When we implemented Personio, I went to our different offices, and there were never that many questions since it made sense how to use it.”

Now, My and her team have the time they need to make strategic decisions while relying on clean, clear data that can be pulled up in moments. For them, this is the best part about working with Personio.

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