Personio Surveys

Streamline your survey process for actionable insights

Transition from time-consuming analysis to quick insights. Set up and launch employee engagement surveys, then uncover and share the insights you need to drive meaningful change in minutes.

    Surveys Heatmap

    Connect feedback to actionable insights

    Create efficient surveys that cover multiple needs

    Efficiently capture diverse feedback. Share results from engagement to event feedback.

    Shorten and streamline feedback processes

    Unlock more time and efficiency with centralised people data.

    Gain quicker, more accurate insights

    Identify important areas of improvement with fast, actionable reporting.

    Ensure secure and confidential feedback

    Boost employee trust and confidence and get more honest feedback.

    Sumi Nair

    Sumi Nair

    People Experience Manager, Circle Economy

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    "What I like best about Personio Surveys is the ease of use. Also, the visual analytics are a huge plus."

    Set up and run surveys with ease

    Connect your real-time and centralised employee data to quickly create and run targeted surveys with our prebuilt templates to speed up the time to capture valuable insights.

      Surveys Engagement

      Measure engagement and gain deeper insights

      Gather feedback from overarching perspectives to granular details. Dissect performance and retention factors by filtering by department, office and role. Uncover patterns to drive initiatives and engagement.

        Surveys Filtering

        Visualise vital employee sentiment

        Gain precise insights, pinpoint vital themes and take data-driven action. Use question scoring and heatmap analysis to unlock important and actionable organisational intelligence.

          Surveys Heatmap

          Share important insights with changemakers

          Distribute survey results and insights to the right people with the right level of information and detail. Automatically generate reports for all managers and important stakeholders.

            Surveys View Control

            Foster open dialogue with confidentiality

            Collect candid feedback while protecting the privacy of your participants. Run confidential surveys in order to boost participation. Create a culture of trust through continuous improvement.

              Surveys Confidentiality

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