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Personio enables organisations to focus on their vision through streamlined HR work. We also offer 50% off our all-in-one HR software for qualifying nonprofits and charities.*

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    Customer empathy drives everything we do – here’s what that means for you:

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    The only people software your organisation will ever need

    Without Personio

    The old way
    • Recruitment worries: Positions are going unfilled and it’s getting harder to recruit volunteers.

    • Declining engagement: Your organisation can’t track how people are feeling or what motivates them.

    • Cumbersome systems: Unnecessary complexities are frustrating your teams and your employees alike.

    • Bothersome backlog: Employee requests for time tracking, absences and more are piling up.

    With Personio

    The new way
    • Hiring heroes: Hire the right employees and recruit volunteers to accomplish your vision.

    • Deeper data: Build a robust data engine for your team to track relevant HR metrics.

    • Exceptional user-friendliness: Rely on a system that is designed with you and your entire organisation in mind.

    • Clean machine: Find all your HR data in one compliant place with automatic reminders and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do nonprofit organisations need HRM?

    Many nonprofits mirror their for-profit counterparts when it comes to organisational design. Regardless of size, nonprofits and charities still need to hire, onboard, manage, develop and pay their employees. After all, everything starts with people.

    Which HR software is best for nonprofits and charities?

    That depends on your needs. For many nonprofits and charities, an all-in-one HR software solution is often the best choice. From it, you can run all of your important people processes at a lower overall cost than managing multiple systems. Another key consideration is if the software enables employee self-service. With this, employees can add and update their own information independently, without HR needing to go in and manage it. 

    Do charities tend to have HR departments?

    The focus on HR can vary between charities of different sizes. For smaller charities, the typical responsibilities of an HR department may fall on the CEO or other members of senior staff. Larger charities on the other hand, will often have their own dedicated HR team.

    Which HR processes are most important for nonprofits?

    The core HR processes for a nonprofit or charity typically include: tracking sick leave and holiday allowances, onboarding new employees, developing your current staff, keeping documents up-to-date and making it easy to access various employee files.

    Trusted all over the world by nonprofits like yours

    Read more about how Personio has added value for nonprofits, foundations, charities and more.

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      We take customer support seriously

      • Steadfast support: 90% of users say they are satisfied with Personio’s support experience. We are here via phone and email during your working hours. 

      • Education station: Access eight channels of educational content, including our 24/7 self-service help centre with more than 2,000 articles.  

      • The Voyager Community: Learn best practices from our thriving community of HR professionals – Voyage by Personio.

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        Over 10,000 Happy Customers

        We value regular exchange with our customers very highly, as it helps us ensure that Personio will continue to offer maximum value and maintain its high standard of quality. What our customers say about working with Personio:

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        "I can finally turn my attention to strategic questions around the future of our work."

        Julia Pohl

        Julia Pohl

        HR Manager, UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe e.V.

        "In the past, we had to laboriously gather information through emails and meetings. Now, as an HR team, we have time to focus more on content-related work."

        Nora Winter

        Nora Winter

        Head of HR, Proveg International

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        Find time to focus on your vision – unlock faster HR processes

        *In order to benefit from our nonprofit pricing for entering into a fee-based contract for the use of our software, your organisation must be recognised as a nonprofit, charitable or benevolent organisation in the country in which it is based.