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Run Easy Salary Reviews

Save time, eliminate errors and run an easy and efficient salary review process. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and protect sensitive data with all your people data in a single place.

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    Simplify Compensation Reviews

    Create salary reviews that are easy to share, track and approve. Empower managers to make informed compensation decisions. Bring your teams into a single interface where you can review all salary proposals across the whole organization.

      Compensation Management Eligibility

      Protect Sensitive Data

      Control who sees what - from past salaries to proposed raises. Personio automatically updates permissions and ensures sensitive data remains secure.

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        Easily Approve and Sign-off

        Eliminate back-and-forth confusion and aggregation of data across multiple spreadsheets. Managers can view and edit salary proposals, approve them, and see how the changes impact their budget.

          Compensation Management Approval Workflow

          Make Compensation Changes with Confidence

          After your salary reviews are complete, Personio automatically updates relevant employee profiles and syncs within our all-in-one HR platform.

            Compensation Management Update Salary

            Over 10,000 Happy Customers

            We highly value regular exchange with our customers. It helps us ensure that Personio will continue to offer you maximum value and quality. Here's what our customers say about working with Personio:

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            "The Compensation Management tool makes salary reviews easy and it’s something I can look forward to leading at Knoell."

            Neeraja Padman

            Neeraja Padman


            "We put employee experience first. Compensation Management will help us to make this a reality by reducing complexity and allowing us to channel our energy towards team development."

            Anna Rusinek

            Anna Rusinek


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