Compensation Management

Create fair and easy compensation reviews

Enjoy less stress thanks to easy approvals, access controls and notifications. Make fairer decisions with visible performance data, salary bands and built-in guidelines.

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    Compensation reviews with Personio

    Stay in control and on track

    Set up and monitor cycles, manage approvals and stick to budget.

    Simplify compensation complexities

    Handle complex compensation and consolidate salary data in one click.

    Get privacy and access right

    Provide easy stakeholder access with no accidental shares.

    Make it easy for managers

    Ensure your managers can reward employees fairly and efficiently.

    Anna Rusinek

    Anna Rusinek

    Head of Business Development & People Analytics, Westwing

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    "We put employee experience first. Compensation Management will help us to make this a reality by reducing complexity and allowing us to channel our energy towards team development."

    Stay on track and on budget

    Simple compensation cycle set-up means tracking and approvals are a breeze and you easily stay on budget. Maximise stakeholder satisfaction from the bottom up.

      Compensation Stay on track and on budget

      Simplify complexities

      Handle multi-currency scenarios with in-built exchange rates you can set. Build engagement with ‌one-time compensation and easily manage compensation for part-time employees.

        Compensation Simplify complexities

        Be more fair and transparent

        Reduce bias with salary bands, performance ratings and compa-ratios. Create supervisor guidelines so decision-makers stay within your policies and employees have a fair process.

          Compensation Be more fair and transparent

          Balance data privacy and access

          Minimise risks with centralised information and relevant access rights: no more accidental shares of sensitive data. Ensure key stakeholders have the right oversight.

            Compensation Balance data privacy and access

            Get rid of multiple systems

            Gain a single interface for salaries across teams. Remove the stress of spreadsheets. Personio automatically updates salary data for payroll and adds reward letters into employee profiles.

              Compensation Get rid of multiple systems

              Make it easy for managers

              Empower managers to make informed decisions, with data in one place. Add contextual information and reduce delays with notifications and provide instant reward letters.

                Compensation Make it easy for managers
                Coming Soon


                Make data-driven compensation decisions with instant access to benchmarking data. Ensure you can stay competitive to ever-changing talent markets.

                  Compensation Benchmarking (coming soon)

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