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How We Live Sustainability at Personio

At Personio, we truly believe in a culture of accomplishment and impact. We are grateful for our privileges and take action to have a positive influence on the environment and society. Social responsibility encompasses both caring about one another, as well as our planet. And, even more critically, doing something about it. By making our efforts transparent, we use our reach to project our values and inspire others to follow our lead.

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    Together Towards a Greener Company

    We help others take action, too. At Personio, we are guided by our core values and operating principles, which include #SocialResponsibility and being #DrivenByImpact. Together, it helped us answer a key question: How can we make the biggest “green impact” possible?

    The answer is found in our ability to enable better organizations and our powerful integrations platform. Thanks to our partnership and integration with OneTrust, we can help other organizations that we serve assess their carbon footprint, take steps on their own, and guide us all toward a greener economy — and a brighter future.

      Personio Impact Days

      "At Personio, we take action to have a positive influence on society as well as the environment, not only with our product but on a company-wide level."

      Hanno Renner, Co-founder and CEO at Personio

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        Action Steps To Become More Environmentally Sustainable

        It’s all about action and transparency: We are committed to running Personio in an environmentally-sustainable way. That is why our office locations and digital services all run on 100% renewable energy. When Personios travel, we opt for trains over planes, and we have consciously decided to only offer mobility benefit options that are climate friendly, such as tickets for public transport, electric scooters, and bicycles for daily commutes.

        Sustainability is a journey: We have actively worked toward reducing and compensating our CO2 emissions over the years, and we naturally seek to offset these emissions by supporting certified climate action projects that tackle the existential issue of climate change. We also seek to improve, including working with OneTrust to develop an even deeper understanding of Personio’s carbon footprint along with more opportunities to reduce it as we head into the future.

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          Personio's 1% Commitment & Personio Foundation

          We are grateful for our success and privilege, and are committed to giving back. Since day one our shareholder agreement has included a commitment to transfer 1% of Personio’s equity to a charitable foundation, to be held until an IPO.

          Because we cannot afford to wait to tackle our generation’s most pressing issues, we launched Personio Foundation in 2021 to start supporting organizations that drive positive change for people and planet. Besides the 1% equity stake, the foundation received $3M in initial donations from its founders, Personio’s investors and from Personio.

          The impact of Personio Foundation is not limited to putting funds to work. We will also share knowledge gained over the years spent building our business, and learnings from working with over 5,000 Personio customers every day. 

          Personio Foundation’s Impact Accelerator and Impact Portfolio support groundbreaking teams and ideas in the fields of education and climate change. Together we hope to build organizations that can change the world for the better.

          Driving Impact Starts With Every Individual

          On a mission to make an impact: At Personio, and in our own work, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to taking ownership and initiative relating to social responsibility. In the spirit of that, Personio’s Sustainability Committee is our hub for green initiatives aimed at impacting employees and customers alike. Their mission is to enable Personio to become a greener organization, and have implemented measures within the areas of business travel, office set-up, and employee engagement, to name a few.

          Leading the climate charge: It’s important that our work around sustainability does not stop at our doors, but extends to every employee and how they interact with the world. Therefore, we introduced individual and company-wide ‘Impact Days,’ across Personio, for employees to invest their time into worthwhile causes like social and environmental projects.

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            Our Partners

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            Our Core Values

            Social responsibility is only one of our core values that describe the company we want to be, guide us in building our culture, and in making decisions for the company as a whole.