Living Sustainably at Personio

At Personio, we are grateful for our privileges and are taking action to have a positive impact on the environment and our society. But we know that words are easy, so we’re backing up what we say with tangible actions. And by making our efforts transparent, we use our reach to show what’s possible – hopefully, inspiring others to do the same along the way.

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    Making it Count

    We are committed to transferring 1% of Personio’s equity to a charitable foundation, to be held until an IPO. Because we cannot afford to wait to tackle our generation’s most pressing issues, we launched Personio Foundation in 2021 to start supporting organizations that drive positive change for people and the planet.

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    "At Personio, we take action to have a positive influence on society as well as the environment, not only with our product but on a company-wide level."

    Hanno Renner, Co-founder and CEO at Personio

      portrait of Hanno Renner in Madrid, CEO of Personio

      On the Sustainability Journey

      We’re taking steps to operate Personio in an environmentally-sustainable way. We are actively working towards reducing and compensating our CO2 emissions with the support of our partners. When we offset, we do so by supporting certified climate action projects that tackle the existential issue of climate change. In 2021 alone we offset 6,178 tCO2E.

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        Personio Partners for Sustainability

        We're Making a Commitment

        We’re committed to taking action, caring for one another and for our planet. But don’t take it from us; we’ll let Personios speak for themselves:

        "It’s great to see how many of my fellow Personio really do care about how our actions impact the environment. With the employee-led Sustainability Committee, we are committed to doing our part, bringing together different teams and departments to enact real change – both inside Personio and out."



        , Professional Community Manager

        "I am very grateful for my purpose-driven colleagues who are part of our employee-led sustainability committee at Personio. Together, we strive for a more sustainable future and we do our best to encourage all stakeholders at Personio to have a positive impact on society and the environment."



        Customer Growth Manager, Professional Community Manager

        It Starts With Us

        We hold ourselves to a high standard, in our work and our social responsibility. Our employee-led Sustainability Committee is on a mission to make Personio a greener organization, and have implemented measures within the areas of business travel, office set-up, and employee engagement to help us reach this goal.

        In addition, each of our employees has two paid days per year to volunteer and make an impact on the environment and society – one for an individual project of their choice and one for a company-wide initiative. It starts with us, but it doesn’t end with us.

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          It's All About People

          Our people make us who we are. Together, we form Personio’s culture – and our success. Get an inside look at our benefits, values, and the reason we exist.

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