Digital Personnel File

All Data In One Place

All employee data and documents are stored in digital employee files and only need to be maintained here. This means a clear database that saves you time for other tasks.

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    Digital Employee Files

    Centralised Access To All Documents and Data

    Store HR data in one place - error-free, complete, and legally compliant. This way, everyone knows what is stored and where - the days of searching for employee data are officially over!

      Digital Employee Files on Different Devices

      Important Dates Always Present

      Expiring contracts? Upcoming anniversaries? Personio automatically reminds you of important dates and deadlines. Nothing important will ever get missed.

        Easy Approval Request within Digital Employee Files

        Fully Compliant Employee Data Management

        Easily assign access rights and decide who can view, request, or make changes to information. Employees can update personal data themselves - all HR has to do is confirm it.

          Digital Employee File Access Rights
          Green Flow Transparent

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          Seamless HR Processes


          Important information is centrally available for new joiners. And, since many onboarding tasks are automated, they can get started quickly within their new team.

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          Absence Management

          Employees not only maintain their own personnel data, they can also view and request absences, such as vacation or sick days, at any time.

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          Electronic Signature

          Simply file documents, such as supplementary agreements, in digital personnel files - then, they can be directly signed with an e-signature.

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          Is Your Company Ready To Introduce Digital Personnel Files?

          A digital personnel file, or a digital employee file, can help your people team take their work to the next level. That’s because it is a sustainable, secure, and successful way to store employee data. This way, whether you’re in the office or working remotely, you always have the information you need within only a few clicks. The result is greater access, greater efficiency, with the confidentiality you always need.
          What Is A Digital Personnel File?