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Ensure that new employees can be productive as soon as
possible and improve coordination during the onboarding process.
Onboarding Software
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From Day One

Have all processes, contact persons, and information ready to go with automated onboarding so employees can hit the ground running.

Seamless Coordination =
Time Savings

Keep track of progress without having to actively intervene:
Onboarding tasks can be viewed centrally, and task owners
are automatically reminded of pending tasks until they are
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Fewer Resignations, Higher Satisfaction

On average, one in five employees resigns during their probation period. Make sure that doesn't happen within your company by implementing onboarding processes that make new employees feel at home from day one.

with Personio

From managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting, Personio supports you in all your HR processes. Try it today with a free trial account, or book your very own 30-minute Demo to learn more about optimizing your processes through more efficient software.

Structured Onboarding Pays Off

There is always a risk of losing a newly-hired employee, especially during their probation period: If neither colleagues nor supervisors make time for them, their PC doesn’t work or they are not invited to meetings, then they will soon lose the motivation that made them stand out in the interview.

Professional structures and a seamless process to integrate new team members can effectively reduce the risk of probation period resignations. This will pay off over the long term. If an employee resigns, you usually then have to replace them. This costs time and money, not to mention the work that doesn’t get done until a suitable applicant is found. Vacant positions also mean more work for your other employees.

New hires will bring with them an unbiased view of your business processes and can do a great deal to improve workflows. Personio is a comprehensive tool that includes integrated onboarding software. It can help you to act on this new momentum and translate it into productivity.

Motivate Employees and Increase Corporate Loyalty

You should attach great importance to welcoming new employees and quickly familiarizing them with their role. Give new hires the feeling of being in good hands with their new employer from the very beginning and, in doing so, help them to maintain the high motivation of their first few days at the company over the long term.

Of course, the onboarding of new employees should be understood as merely the first stage in a continuous and structured process of employee support and development. For example, regular employee appraisals should take place as a matter of course during the onboarding process and the probationary period so that your new employees remain at the company over the long term.

Who Is Responsible for Onboarding?

In general, the new hire’s direct supervisor is responsible for their successful onboarding. They should welcome the new employee and ensure that they are successfully integrated into the department and the company. The HR department should assist with any administrative issues and make sure that all departments and managers are following the same onboarding procedure.

Personio’s onboarding tool offers many convenient features to help ensure that your onboarding process runs smoothly: You can use Personio to compose a welcome letter to new hires and save it as a template. It is also very easy to create a template for the introduction of new hires and for other frequently used documents. And Personio can automatically send invitations to onboarding events or reminders of upcoming tasks for you.