Employee Onboarding Software

Seamless Onboarding For A Stellar Start

From their first day, onboarding can ensure your new employees are up to speed and up to the task. And thanks to automatically running administrative tasks, the coordination of everything is a breeze for you too.

    Onboarding Software

    Enable Productivity From Day One

    See all important information and tasks at a glance: Use an automated onboarding process to get employees up to speed with a system that almost runs by itself. New joiners feel taken care of and can hit the ground running from their first day on the job.


      Save Time With Seamless Coordination

      Maintain an overview of each new hire's progress: Onboarding tasks can be viewed from one central place by new employees, IT and HR. Those responsible are automatically reminded until they have completed their tasks.

        Onboarding with Personio

        Important Information Always At Hand

        Ensure that new employees feel comfortable from day one and have all the information they need at their fingertips. Important data is always at hand in their digital employee file - for smoother, more effective work.

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          Seamless HR Processes

          Applicant Tracking

          Lay the foundation for employee satisfaction from the start. With an efficient application process that never leaves hanging.

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          Tasks & Reminders

          All information and documents are ready right on time, because Personio automatically reminds relevant people of their to-dos.

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          Digital Employee File

          Using digital personnel files, employee data and important documents are stored in a structured manner and are available at all times - during and after onboarding.

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          How Employee Onboarding Software Delivers Maximum Results

          When it comes to employee onboarding softwares, retention is truly the name of the game. That’s because the risk of losing a new employee during their probation period is higher than you think. If you don’t make time for them, or don’t lay things out clearly enough, you may find yourself recruiting for that same role in short order. Don’t run that risk.

          What Is Employee Onboarding Software?