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Personio: Big results for your small business

There's nothing small about the work a small business needs to get done. Give your business a boost with an all-in-one HR software that upgrades all your HR tasks.

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    The only people software your small business will need

    Without Personio

    The old way
    • Bothersome Backlog: Employee requests piling up on time tracking, absences and more.

    • Payroll Panic: Trying to work with complicated and chaotic lists before each payroll cycle.

    • Rising Costs: Manual, paper-based processes and unnecessary double-work stressing budgets.

    • Dusty Databases: A lack of clarity on expiring contracts, updated payslips and critical deadlines.

    With Personio

    The new way
    • Inbox Zero: Freed-up capacity by giving employees the ability to manage their everyday tasks.

    • Peaceful Payroll: Automatically-transferred, salary-relevant data sent to preliminary payroll.

    • Reliable ROI: In payroll, recruitment, employee retention and overall organisational effectiveness.

    • A Clean Machine: All your HR data in one place — compliant with automatic reminders of key dates.

    Choose Personio: Because small businesses deserve mighty HR

    Tailored Implementation

    Free scale implementation tailored for small businesses who become customers during their trial period — easy setup and onboarding teamwide.

    Data Security

    Personio meets Europe’s high standards and requirements for data security – and reflects the regional needs of our customers all across Europe.

    Flexible Options

    Thanks to monthly subscriptions and being able to customise our product based on the needs of your small business.

    We take customer support seriously

    • 300+ employees: 90% of users say they are satisfied with our support experience. We are here via phone and email in your language and during your working hours. 

    • Education Station: Eight channels of educational content, including our 24/7 self-service help centre with more than 2000 articles  

    • Join a Community: We offer a thriving community of HR professionals, so you can get answers and best practices from other experts in the field.

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      Personio is a leader when it comes to helping small businesses's core HR tasks and processes. See where we rank on G2's software comparison platform.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        When is the right time to invest in a solution?

        In a small business, it feels like there are a million tasks all happening at the same time. The same is true for an HR department. Probation periods wrapping up, new employees onboarding or getting key contracts signed.

        Whether your company has 10 or 100 employees, the right time is now. Investing in a solution today means laying an immediate foundation for future growth. It's all about investing in a system that reduces costs and increases flexibility. All while adding a foundation of security and clean data to the mix.

        How do you choose the right SMB HR solution?

        Our recommendation: invest in a user-friendly system. Make it quick and easy for your employees to complete their tasks. The best way is to see things for yourself. Personio offers a 14-day free trial (with no credit card or cancellation required). 

        Or, we can also give you a practical introduction. Sign up for one of our 30-minute webinars for a proper introduction. You can watch it anytime.

        Can digitising your HR wait?

        Waiting comes with a cost. While you may not notice them at first, the cost of cumbersome processes adds up. 

        An unsigned contract, a frustrated employee, a slow hiring process. When your processes slow down, so does your business. To make this crystal clear, let's hone in on data. HR needs to track a lot of sensitive and confidential data. If that isn't secure, you run a high risk. A data protection violation alone can cost you up to €20 million, or 4% of the company’s turnover. 

        Digitising your HR means saving on costs in the long haul. But, it also means saving yourself from immediate costs, too.

        How can HR software help my company grow faster?

        HR software helps your company grow. Automating recurring tasks, reducing workloads and gaining time back. Now, your HR team has the time to focus on retention, culture or people analytics. All things designed to enable growth. 

        Digital HR processes also help foster collaboration. Employees can work better, together, with automation and workflows. Basic HR tasks, like vacation requests, take seconds. Employees are happier, more productive and ready to take your business to new heights. 

        Over 10,000 Happy Customers

        We highly value regular exchange with our customers. It helps us ensure that Personio will continue to offer you maximum value and quality. Here's what our customers say about working with Personio:

        Hear From Our Customers
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        "A lot of other HR tools are really great at engagement and performance, but don’t have a recruitment function. Or, they are really good at payroll but they don’t have anything to do with performance. Personio offered a good balance of everything we needed."

        Sarah Thomas

        Sarah Thomas

        People Lead, Mindful Chef

        "We now work in a much more structured and organised way. All the data is now finally in the system – from attendance tracking for the different employee roles and absence requests to sick notes and the application process."

        Robin Seidel-Doetsch

        Robin Seidel-Doetsch

        HR Manager, interaktiv gGmbH

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