Attendance Tracking Software

Make Attendance Tracking Easy

Our attendance tracking software allows you to effortlessly record clear, correct working times, unlocking the time you need for important tasks.

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    Ensure Efficiency And Legally Compliance

    Employees easily record their working times, supervisors confirm them. Fixed break times can be defined in advance so that all working hours remain within a legally-secure framework.

      Attendance Tracking Approval with Attendance Tracking System

      See All Working Hours At A Glance

      Regardless of whether employees record their hours on our desktop attendance tracking software, via the Personio app or a linked app, all working hours end up centralised in Personio. HR stays up to date and can easily analyse working hours with reports.

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        Automatically Calculate Pay Correctly

        Have Personio calculate salaries and overtime based on your working hour schedules. If you want to pay out overtime, these hours can be transferred directly to preliminary payroll with our attendance tracking software.

          Easy Check of Overtime Hours with Attendance Tracking Software
          Green Flow Transparent

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          Seamless HR Processes

          Absence Management

          Allow employees to request absences easily in Personio - for holistic time management.

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          Employee Self Service

          Assign appropriate access rights and reduce administrative burdens: This way, employees can also view and update absences and personnel data.

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          Preliminary Payroll

          Recorded hours are transferred directly to the preparatory payroll accounting. This way, you can easily pay hourly wages or overtime as needed.

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          How Can You Benefit From Attendance Tracking Software?

          Having an attendance tracking software in place can help your company ensure that all of your data is clean, error-free and ready for reporting. It can also help streamline your payroll when it comes to calculating overtime. But, what considerations do you need to make before you take the plunge?
          What Is Attendance Tracking Software?