Attendance Tracking Software

Attendance Tracking Software

Making Attendance
Tracking Easy

Automated processes allow you to record working times effortlessly, correctly, and clear. Now you have the time you need for truly important tasks.

Attendance Tracking Approval with Attendance Tracking System

Efficient And
Legally Compliant

Employees easily record their working times, and supervisors confirm them. Fixed break times can be defined in advance as a rule - so that all times remain within a legally-secure framework.

All Working Hours
At A Glance

Regardless of whether employees record their hours on their desktop, via the Personio app, or a linked system: All working hours end up centrally in Personio. HR stays up to date and can also evaluate the times via reports.
Time Tracking Laptop + App Time Tracking
Easy Check of Overtime Hours with Attendance Tracking Software

Automatically Correct Calculations

Have Personio calculate salaries and overtime based on your working hour schedules. If you want to pay out overtime, these hours can be transferred directly to preliminary payroll.

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Seamless HR Processes
Icon_Abwesenheiten Absence Management

Allow employees to request absences easily in Personio - for holistic time management.

Icon_Rollen und Rechte Employee Self Service

Assign appropriate access rights and reduce administrative burdens: This way, employees can also view and update absences and personnel data.

Icon_Vorbereitende Entgeltabrechnung Preliminary Payroll

Recorded hours are transferred directly to the preparatory payroll accounting. This way, you can easily pay hourly wages or overtime as needed.

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How Can You Benefit From
Attendance Tracking Software?

Having an attendance tracking system in place, facilitated by software, can help your company ensure that all of your data is clean, error-free, and ready for reporting. It can also help streamline your payroll when it comes to calculating overtime.

But, what considerations do you need to make before you take the plunge?

What Is Attendance Tracking Software?

An attendance tracking software can keep track of all your employee hours, both overtime and regular working hours. It can do this all digitally, where employees are required to submit their hours either for tracking purposes or for approval from managers.

What Is An Attendance Tracking System?

An attendance tracking system is the method a business uses to track hours worked and the presence of employees within the company. A system can be facilitated by a software, but they are often not one and the same.

In fact, many businesses use Excel to track attendance. This is not only more time consuming than tracking attendance with attendance tracking software, as you need to enter the data manually, but is also prone to errors. It also comes with many other drawbacks, including:

  • Spreadsheets can be changed at any time by anyone with access, meaning all of your important data is susceptible to manipulation down the road.
  • Excel does not fulfill the legal requirements for attendance tracking stipulated in privacy regulations.
  • An Excel spreadsheet can easily be deleted or overwritten if there are different versions of the file in circulation. You can lose all of the data due to a technical problem.

Should Your Business Be Tracking Hours?

It depends. Whether or not tracking working hours makes sense does not depend on the size of the business, but there are three reasons why you may need attendance tracking:

  • Employees are primarily paid based on the hours they work.
  • Your company has different working hour models, for example, shift work, part-time, or flexitime models with compensation for overtime.
  • Your company is subject to statutory regulations, such as the minimum wage law, which stipulates attendance tracking

What Are Advantages To Attendance Tracking Software?

Beyond the legal obligations, tracking the exact number of hours worked serves as the basis for salary calculations. You can also avoid conflicts and misunderstandings between employers and employees.

Management and HR can get a reliable view of their employees’ working hours, while each employee can be sure that they are being paid fairly and will not have to work any unpaid overtime.

How Do You Choose The Right Attendance Tracking Software?

For attendance tracking to fulfill its purpose, it needs to be accurate, reliable, and transparent. Only an attendance tracking software, as is integrated into Personio, can offer that.

With Personio, you and your employees can record your working hours online. After employees enter their hours, managers can confirm the entries if required. They can apply their company’s working hour regulations and adjust the attendance tracking system accordingly.

At a minimum, a system like this saves the HR department a great deal of time, since a majority of the work can be automated via the attendance tracker and you no longer need to deal with incorrect or incomplete timesheets.

How Does the Switch to Online Attendance Tracking Work?

The switch to attendance tracking software affects both the HR department and the rest of your employees.

It is important to reassure your employees that online attendance tracking is not used to monitor them personally. Personio strictly adheres to data protection laws.

The works council has a right of codetermination in tracking attendance, but it can neither prevent nor demand the introduction of a specific system. As a rule, it will have nothing against an attendance tracker that conforms with the law. Involve the works council in the process of introducing the software to make it easier for your employees to adopt it.

Before you switch to a new attendance tracking software throughout your entire company, you have the ability to test it on a select group. That will help you learn whether everything works, what you need to improve, and how your employees can be trained. Once the test has gone smoothly, you are ready to successfully introduce online attendance tracking.

Should you already have an attendance tracking system, you can link it to Personio using an interface (API). All entries that your employees previously used to make with punch cards or a work hours app in the attendance tracking system can now be managed in Personio.

How Can You Track Working From Home Hours?

What if your employees don’t work in the office, but rather, for example, in their home office or on the road? That’s not a problem, because, with a digital time clock, employees have access to their working hours accounts from anywhere, and can enter their time online.

You can easily use an attendance tracking software like Personio as the basis for complex time tracking, as well as updating weekly hours worked, vacations, and public holidays. In the working hours account, Personio shows the current overtime worked at all times.

Attendance Tracking Helps with Payroll Accounting

If you use attendance tracking software, all of the information converges into one central place and can be processed directly. That way, the working hours account is automatically linked with payroll, vacation administration, and the digital personnel file.

You can manually or automatically generate error-free salary calculations and the data you need for payroll directly from the aggregated data whenever you like.

Salaries for time worked are automatically adjusted accordingly, for example, if your employees work on an hourly basis or receive financial compensation for overtime.

Can Personio Automatically Count Overtime?

Personio also features an overtime calculator, which automatically transfers overtime to the salary calculation (if that’s how you set it up). The average and maximum permitted working times are monitored, and if the limit is exceeded, both manager and employee are alerted.

How Do You Properly Calculate Leave Entitlements?

Manually calculating vacation time can be very laborious and lead to errors, particularly in larger companies where there is a fair amount of employee turnover or there are both full-time and part-time employees.

Automated vacation calculations ensure efficiency and legal compliance. Personio calculates entitlements for every working hour schedule and shows remaining vacation days at all times. Public holidays, which differ in every state, are also taken into consideration.

How Do You Record Working Hours With Personio?

With Personio, employees can enter their working hours online and access their target versus actual hours at any time, just like in an attendance tracking app, only in a browser. To do that, employees log themselves into their working hours account – at any time, and from any computer – and enter their start and end times, as well as any breaks.

Line managers or HR managers can confirm the times entered with a simple click. You can specify individual approval processes for each department, team, or individual employee.

The software interface is arranged in a user-friendly manner, and entering data takes just a few seconds. Managers and HR employees can confirm the times entered with one click.

If you use third-party systems for attendance tracking, for example, terminals for time cards, you can easily import their data into Personio.

Can Personio Provide Attendance Tracking Reports?

Personio’s reporting and export functions show you at a glance how many employees worked how much at any given time. You can generate an overview of attendances and absences, sick days, weekly working hours, and vacation days at month or year-end.

Depending on which numbers are of interest to you, Personio can create a spreadsheet or graphic analysis that you can export or use for your reporting.