Approval Process Software

Quick and Clear Approvals

No more back and forth with approvals! Enable your managers to approve requests and build approval workflows with ease. Employee requests can be processed smoothly, without long waiting periods.

    Approval Processes

    Smooth Processes

    Whether vacation, sick days or working hours – managers can easily approve employee requests with just a few clicks. An approval process software makes it simple.

      Approval Processes for Vacation Requests

      All Information at Your Fingertips

      Managers need a clear overview of team vacation schedules in order to plan appropriately. With Personio, all team absences are available in a single view.

        Approval Processes Sick Leave Overview

        Have Requests Reach the Right People

        Who is authorized to approve what? Do requests need to be approved by several managers? You decide on the authorization processes you want to define for your company. Personio sends timely reminders to those in charge of pending requests and thus helps eliminate process bottlenecks.

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          Approval Process Software With Personio

          Can an approval process software completely change your organization? That depends. How is your company currently handling approvals? If you feel like you are stuck going back and forth, without a proper approval workflow, then an approval process software can help ensure that all of your steps are always laid out. This way, time is spent actually approving things rather than simply discussing approvals.
          What Is An Approval Process Software?