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HR Templates That Make Life Easier

HR templates, whether for HR documents or policies, can ensure that your work is as streamlined as possible. Paving the way for operational excellence to complete recurring processes in no time at all — giving you more time for what matters: people and strategy.

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    Never Do the Same Work Twice

    Whether rejection letters to applicants or onboarding checklists: Craft HR templates for tasks and processes that you need to handle frequently. That way, the most you will have to do is make adjustments. No need for error-prone copying and pasting.

      Template Onboarding Tasks with HR Software

      Documents That Almost Create Themselves

      Add placeholders for individual employee data to HR templates for documents like references. Personio will then automatically use information from their digital personnel file to automate the process.

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        The Right HR Template for All Your Needs

        Not every email is the same, not every checklist fits every purpose. Create different document templates that match your individual needs and define whether your templates are intended for employees, managers, or external applicants.

          Invitation Email Template in HR Software
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          Document Management with Personio: Explained in 30 Seconds

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          What HR Templates Do You Need Most?

          Having the right documents in place is a key element when it comes to your overall HR processes. Thankfully, Personio offers an easy way to streamline your HR templates so that you’re delivering the same level of detail, and experience, to every employee. But, what does it take to get a proper handle on using these templates? Here are some of the most-asked questions when it comes to using them correctly…
          What Is An HR Template?