Templates Make
Your Life Easier

Routine tasks can take up a lot of time but they don't have to – if you have the right templates for routine processes and tasks at your fingertips. These allow you to draft emails and references or complete recurring processes in no time, leaving you free to do more important work.
Template Onboarding Tasks with HR Software

Never Do the
Same Work Twice

Whether rejection letters to applicants or onboarding checklists: Create templates for tasks and processes that you need to handle frequently. That way, the most you will have to do is make adjustments. No need for error-prone copying and pasting.

Documents that Almost
Create Themselves

Add placeholders for individual employee data to templates for
documents such as references. Personio will then automatically
use the correct information from the digital personnel file.
Documents Templates in HR Software

Document Management with Personio: Explained in 30 Seconds

Invitation Email Template in HR Software

The Right Template for All Your Needs

Not every email is the same, not every checklist fits every purpose. Create different templates that match your individual needs and decide whether your templates are intended for employees, managers or external applicants.

with Personio

From managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting, Personio supports you in all your HR processes. Try it today with a free trial account, or book your very own 30-minute Demo to learn more about optimizing your processes through more efficient software.