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Easily build robust performance management processes for your business. Enable objective assessment and spark daily development with Personio’s performance management software.

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    How Node4's team uses Personio

    As CPO for Node4, Dave Birchall's role is all about enabling better employee experience and ensuring that people can deliver on the promises made to clients. Watch why Node4 chose Personio Performance & Development:

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    Standardise how you manage performance across teams

    Create performance cycles quickly using data that’s already in your system. Choose timing, which teams to include and select from manager, self, peer or upward reviews. Set due dates and automated reminders to reduce delayed cycles.

      Performance Cycle

      Measure performance through achievement, not gut feeling

      Enable managers to set objective expectations and build transparency with easily-available data. Track metric-driven goals (such as ‘increase employee satisfaction by x%’), easily track progress and link bonus payments to goals.

        Performance Goals

        Enable more meaningful development conversations

        Build customised feedback templates for your organisation. Enable your entire workforce to request and give feedback. Equip leaders for better conversations by giving them a clearer picture of their people through continuous feedback.

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          Engage and upskill your top talent with the right training

          Engage, train and retain your best talent by developing your workforce’s skill sets at scale. Save time setting up training and redirect it to creating development programmes that actually make an impact on your employees and your business.

            Training Management Training Courses Overview

            Why 10,000+ businesses choose Personio

            Our all-in-one HR software supports over 1 million employees worldwide including those at Lush, Premier Inn and Emma. Here’s just a snapshot of the impact we’ve made for our customers:

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            "A lot of other HR tools are really great at engagement and performance, but don’t have a recruitment function. Or, they are really good at payroll but they don’t have anything to do with performance. Personio offered a good balance of everything we needed."

            Sarah Thomas

            Sarah Thomas

            People Lead, Mindful Chef

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            "Automated people processes allow us to focus on much higher priority projects, like doing regular check-ins and training up our people to enhance growth and retention."

            Chloe Byrne

            Chloe Byrne

            Human Resources Administrator, Core

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            FAQs about performance appraisal software

            What is performance management software?

            Performance management software enables HR professionals and teams to measure their effectiveness and impact on the business. It’s used to track what employees and managers have achieved, allowing businesses to make unbiased, data-driven decisions around career progression.

            How does employee performance management software work?

            Performance management software enables you to recharge your review cycles with automation and see company or team aims in the context of overall business goals. It helps you to create tangible development plans, exchange feedback and organise regular check-ins on progress.

            Why does performance appraisal software matter?

            One of the main benefits of performance appraisal software is that it automatically analyses performance data and uses automation to make the process quicker and easier for HR, employees and managers. The result is that performance evaluations are quicker and more effective.

            Who should use performance management software?

            Performance management software is valuable for employees and managers, as well as HR teams involved in review cycles or overall performance analysis. It can be especially useful for employees and managers who exchange regular feedback to gain transparency on shared goals.

            How can employee performance management software save time?

            Adding automation to your performance review cycles helps to streamline the overall process. Consolidating all performance data in a system that automates a lot of the process (such as planning and reminding about review cycles) saves significant time and effort and reduces errors.

            How do you use Personio’s performance appraisal software?

            You can use Personio to create performance cycles and enable managers to set objective expectations and goals. Personio helps track metric-driven goals and measure progress and impact across the business. It also enables tangible development through regular feedback exchange.

            Can you define KPIs in Personio’s performance appraisal software?

            Personio has three types of indicators: Binary with two defined options, quantitative (directly measurable) and qualitative (not directly measurable). If desired, you can calculate bonuses automatically based on the extent to which targets have been reached or add them manually.

            Performance Appraisal Software With Personio

            A performance management system, facilitated by performance appraisal software, can be an indispensable tool for companies of any size. That’s because assessing employee performance is especially important for defining development initiatives and supporting them in continued professional training.
            What is Performance Appraisal Software?