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Drive Employee Performance To New Heights

Unleash potential and motivate your employees through regular and transparent performance meetings. Happy employees are not only a tribute to HR, but necessary for productive work and company success.

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    Performance Software

    Eliminate Forgotten or Delayed Reviews

    Easily set up performance cycles for the entire company or specific teams and keep track of progress. Once cycles start, managers and employees are prompted to complete their reviews and schedule individual performance meetings – without HR following up.

      Performance Cycle

      Develop Your People Daily With Meaningful Feedback

      Ensure your employees and managers receive valuable 360° feedback throughout every performance cycle. In addition, provide continuous feedback at key moments to help your employees develop on a daily basis.

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        Deliver Fair Performance Reviews, Every Time

        Streamline your performance reviews by creating standardised feedback forms that allow for an equitable performance review – for everyone. Different types of evaluation scales help guide stakeholders to offer impact-driven feedback.

          Performance Reviews - Questions

          Turn Results Into Rewards

          Make your employees’ development more tangible by tracking both qualitative and quantitative goals. If targets are linked to bonus payments, results are automatically transmitted to payroll.

            Performance Goals

            Training Management: Engage, Upskill and Retain Your Top Talent

            Develop your workforce’s skillset at scale. Save time spent on setting up training sessions and reinvest it in development paths that truly help your workforce. Stay ahead by engaging, training and retaining your talent for maximum business impact. Discover training management with Personio today.

            Green Flow Transparent

            Don’t Miss Out: People Workflow Automation

            People Workflow Automation unlocks your company’s productive potential, by turning manual processes into automated workflows that connect tools, align stakeholders, and accelerate business like never before.

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            Seamless HR Processes

            Preliminary Payroll

            Performance targets reached? Bonus payments are automatically transferred to the preparatory payroll accounting and can be paid out there.

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            Digital Employee File

            This is where everything comes together: Store all employee documents securely and centrally - from pay slips to performance reviews.

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            Whether employee feedback or contracts: You can use templates to save time, create structure, and simplify all your processes.

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            Over 8,000 Happy Customers

            To ensure that Personio consistently offers the greatest value-add for our customers, we exchange feedback and ideas on a daily basis. This is what they have to say about working with us and our HR software.

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            When the board asks for fresh numbers, regarding the growth of the company or metrics regarding diversity, it is just one click away and I have what I need.

            Anna Gullstrand

            Anna Gullstrand


            We can track absences, working from home days, the evolution of headcounts per team…we now have a segmentation of our HR data that is extremely powerful and very easily accessible with Personio.

            David Vanek

            David Vanek

            CEO - Anorak Technologies Ltd.

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            Employee Performance Management Software with Personio

            A performance management system, facilitated by performance management software, can be an indispensable tool for companies of any size. That’s because assessing employee performance is especially important for defining employee development initiatives and supporting them in continued professional training.

            What Is Performance Management Software?