Payroll Accounting

All Salary Documents
Perfectly Prepared

Avoid working with chaotic lists just before your payroll dates. Maintain all personnel data centrally to create the basis for stress-free payroll processes.
Preliminary Payroll Overview

Correct Personal Data
at All Times

Employees suggest changes to their master data and HR confirms them, if appropriate. Personio supports correct processes by identifying errors and highlighting changes made compared to the data from the previous month.

Automate and
Save Time

Include data such as monthly salaries, hourly rates, and bonus payments
in your payroll automatically. Employees are able to download their final
payslips directly from their digital personnel files.
Data Changes for Preliminary Payroll
Employee Salary Overview for Preliminary Payroll

Everything in
One Software

Personal and transaction data from personnel files are used for payroll and updated automatically when changes are made.

Preliminary Payroll
with Personio

Personio supports you in all of your HR processes, from managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting. Start a free trial or find out more in a personalized, 20-minute Web Demo to discover which processes you can optimize through using more efficient software.