Payroll Accounting

On Time and Not an Error in Sight

Payroll accounting needs to be accurate and on time. This is no mean feat, as payroll incorporates a large number of different employee data, which needs to be pulled together again and again, month after month. Personio takes the stress out of key payroll dates and ensures that employees are paid correctly and on time.

Accuracy at Your Fingertips

A Well-maintained Database
Fixed salaries, hourly rates or compensation: Payroll calculations draw on a wide range of data. How to remain on top of this wealth of information, including any updates? Not a problem, as Personio automatically takes changes into account in its consolidated database.

Assured Quality
The more staff a company employs, the more susceptible it becomes to payroll errors, which may be costly. With Personio, you are protected against such mishaps, because you complete a final data review and can easily trace histories.

You Can Count on It

Stressful Key Payroll Dates?
Finally there is a solution for payroll date stress. All you need to do is to review the data (with changes clearly marked), export it and submit the export to your colleagues in payroll accounting or to your external service provider.

Building Trust
We all know that people take their salaries seriously. And if employees can absolutely rely on payroll calculations being correct month after month after month, something important happens: Employees trust you.

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All Information Readily at Hand

New employees? Numerous changes in personnel data? Gain a quick overview of what is going on from the monthly preview, which displays all significant changes right at the top of the table. As a result, you can focus your review fully on those employees that are relevant in any given month.

Simply Delegate Work – Self Service in Payroll Accounting

Integrate employees in payroll processes by making payslips available for secure download or allowing employees to update their master data (e.g. IBAN) themselves.

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Cloud Services Made in Germany

Data Security Made in Germany

  • ISO Certified
    All data is stored and processed on our iso-certified servers in Frankfurt. Additionally, back-ups are filed in different locations to ensure that no data can get lost.
  • SSL Secured
    Sophisticated safety measures in our code base as well as SSL encryption further protects your data against attacks of all kinds.
  • 2-Factor-Authentication
    Two-factor authentication and our role-based multi-level access rights concept grant you full external as well as internal control and security for your data.

How much Leeway do you Have to Improve your HR Management?

Personio supports you in all of your HR processes, from managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting. Receive a free Test-Account or find out in our 20 minute Webdemo which processes you can optimize through the use of more efficient software.

Recruit, Manage & Develop

All in one Place

Applicant Sourcing

Create job ads with only a few clicks and publish them on the integrated career webpage as well as on over a hundred job portals.

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Applicant Tracking System

Keep an eye on all candidates, open positions and feedback from colleagues. Minimize your time-to-hire and make objective decisions.

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Personio helps small and mid-sized companies plan and implement their onboarding processes in a structured manner – all in the interest of seamless cooperation.

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Digital Employee File

With digital employee files, HR Managers can pull up all relevant information at the click of a button at any time.

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Forget about complicated Excel spreadsheets, manual calculations and stressful end-of-month pay runs and let Personio take care of all your payroll accounting at the click of a button.

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Document Management

Give your employees access to the documents they should be able to see while secure in the knowledge that the documents you need will be at your fingertips at any time.

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Attendance Tracking

User-friendly entry forms prevent mistakes, while smart background operations reliably calculate correct aggregate working hours. Fully customizable.

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Absence Management

Do away with Excel & Co. for recording and managing annual leave, sick leave and other types of absences.

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Store your employees’ individual target agreements in Personio and implement standardized processes across departmental boundaries.

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Personio facilitates transparent, streamlined processes to ensure standardized performance appraisals.

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