Payroll Accounting

All Salary Documents
Perfectly Prepared

Avoid working with chaotic lists before every payroll date. All salary-relevant data is automatically transferred to the preliminary payroll. Your job? Simply check and approve.
Employee Salary Overview for Preliminary Payroll

Correct Personal Data
at All Times

Moved? Married? Employees can easily change personal data themselves - HR just confirms. Personio automatically highlights these changes in the preliminary payroll, so you don't miss out on important details.

Save Time with
Interlinked Processes

Important processes come together in payroll. Personio automatically transfers relevant data from time tracking and performance management - so hourly wages and performance-related bonuses are always paid correctly.
Data Changes for Preliminary Payroll
Preliminary Payroll Overview

Everything in
One Software

All data is centrally stored and transferred to the preliminary payroll. Payroll completed? Employees can now download completed payslips in their digital personnel file.

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People Workflow Automation unlocks your company’s productive potential, by turning manual processes into automated workflows that connect tools, align stakeholders, and accelerate business like never before.

Seamless HR Processes
Icon_Zeiterfassung Attendance Tracking

Do you want to pay overtime or employees on an hourly basis? Recorded working times are directly transferred to the preparatory payroll accounting.

Icon_Performance Performance

It's not just bonuses that motivate. Meaningful performance management and transparent feedback discussions are the key to boosting performance and retention.

Icon_Digitale Personalakte Digital Employee File

Store data cleanly and centrally in the digital personnel file - even preparatory payroll accounting can run on its own.

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