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Personio: adapt and scale your medium-sized business with ease

Save your company from doing mountains of manual work while upgrading all of your HR tasks and processes with our all-in-one solution. Whether you need help with booking leave, managing payroll, recruiting top talent or something else – Personio adapts and scales with your business. 

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    Customer empathy drives everything we do - here’s what that means for you:

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    The only people software your medium-sized business will need

    Without Personio

    The old way
    • Costly Candidates: hiring new talent held back by cumbersome recruiting processes and costs.

    • Reeling Retention: turnover skyrockets when you don’t develop your employees or onboard them effectively. 

    • Rising Costs: manual, paper-based processes and unnecessary double-work stressing budgets in tough times.

    • Payroll Panic: trying to work with complicated and chaotic lists before each payroll cycle.

    • Testy Time Tracking: siloed solutions that don’t integrate and blend with your business.

    With Personio

    The new way
    • Healthy Hiring: more candidates with less effort – automatically public job ads on your own portal and over 600 more, too. 

    • Peak Performance: run 360º reviews, set clear goals and give out bonuses across your entire organisation.

    • Reliable ROI: whether in payroll, recruitment or employee retention – 60% of businesses see their return in one year.

    • Peaceful Payroll: automatically-transferred, salary-relevant data sent to preliminary payroll.

    • Trusted Tracking: employees can record their time effortlessly, correctly and clearly. 

    Choose Personio: because medium-sized businesses deserve mighty HR

    Easy setup

    Get your organisation up and running fast with tailored implementation and onboarding designed for your business.

    Data security

    Personio meets Europe’s high standards and requirements for data security – and reflects the regional needs of our customers all across Europe.

    Flexible options

    Keep your entire organisation’s work connected by integrating Personio with a variety of your company’s favourite tools.

    G2 mid-market Europe for core HR: leader

    Personio is a leader when it comes to helping mid-market businesses core HR tasks and processes. See where we rank on G2's software comparison platform.

    While we are proud of all badges, we want to highlight a unique differentiator: the Leader Badge highlights that we are the only solution that offers a full HRIS and Help Desk solution for SMBs.

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      We take customer support seriously

      • 300+ employees work in support: 90% of users say they are satisfied with our support. We're here via phone and email in your language and during your working hours. 

      • Help at your fingertips: eight channels of educational content, including our 24/7 self-service help centre with more than 2000 articles  

      • A like-minded community: we offer a thriving community of HR professionals, so you can get answers and best practices from other experts.

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        Frequently asked questions

        When is the right time to invest in a solution?

        In a medium-sized business, the need always exists for more efficient, cost-saving solutions that will help your business adapt to changing market forces, and scale by automating and digitising manual work.

        So, whether your company has 100 or 1000 employees, the right time is now. 

        Investing in a solution today means laying an immediate foundation for future growth. Personio not only helps you scale – it adapts and grows with you – being your HR partner in every matter and serving as a single source of truth.

        How do you choose the right HR solution for medium-sized businesses?

        Our recommendation: invest in a user-friendly system. Make it quick and easy for your employees to complete their tasks. Help them increase their efficiency, transparency and save them time by introducing an easy-to-use solution that allows for employee self-service.

        Depending on your needs, there might be many useful add-ons and integrations that can help you even further optimise your HR efficiency and productivity. So, keep an eye out for those as well while choosing a solution. Having the full employee lifecycle in mind will ensure a seamless employee experience while increasing retention and overall productivity.

        Another factor to consider is the level of support you and your employees will receive – if your medium-sized business is based in Europe, look out for European service times and preferred languages.

        The best way is to see things for yourself. Personio offers a 14-day free trial (with no credit card or cancellation required). 

        Or, we can also give you a practical introduction. Sign up for one of our 30-minute webinars for a proper introduction. You can watch it anytime. 

        Can digitising your HR wait?

        Waiting comes with a cost. While you may not notice them at first, the cost of cumbersome processes adds up. 

        An unsigned contract, a frustrated employee, a slow hiring process. When your processes slow down, so does your business. To make this crystal clear, let's hone in on data. HR needs to track a lot of sensitive and confidential data. If that isn't secure, you run a high risk. A data protection violation alone can cost you up to €20 million, or 4% of the company’s turnover. 

        Digitising your HR means saving on costs in the long haul. But, it also means saving yourself from immediate costs, too.

        Which benefits do you offer specifically for medium-sized businesses?

        Many years of collaboration with thousands of medium businesses have shown that our capabilities to help automate workflows (including reminders) and recurring tasks reduce workloads and save time significantly.

        Moreover, our marketplace integrations help to connect, customise and create efficiencies across a variety of different tools and offer the flexibility your business needs.

        Companies that want to stay competitive need to make sound, data-driven decisions quickly. That’s why you need all your data in one place, without any errors. Using Personio, your team can easily gain access to predefined HR reports for recurring questions, or craft your own reports in order to get the information your department needs. You’ll have all the data you need to truly drive growth.

        The biggest step towards digital transformation is in digitising all of your employee documents and files. Store HR data in one place - error-free, complete and legally compliant. This way, everyone knows what is stored and where - the days of searching for employee data are officially over! Expiring contracts? Upcoming anniversaries? Personio automatically reminds you of important dates and deadlines. Nothing important will ever get missed.

        Lastly, hire the talent you need – in a fast, reliable and cost-efficient way. Automate manual recruitment tasks, streamline collaboration across teams and build a seamless hire-to-onboard experience across the entire funnel.

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