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    The only people software your business needs

    Without Personio

    The old way
    • Dusty databases: out-of-date systems mean your teams are dealing with  missing data, inaccurate reporting and frustration. 

    • Rising costs: manual, paper-based processes and unnecessary double-work are stressing your budgets in tough times.

    • Reducing retention: turnover is skyrocketing when your processes are slow, bulky and hard-to-use. 

    • Payroll panic: complicated and chaotic processes push your teams to the brink before each and every payroll cycle.

    With Personio

    The new way
    • Clean machine: keep all your HR data in one place — fully compliant with automatic reminders of key dates.

    • Reliable ROI: whether in payroll, recruitment or retention – 60% of businesses see their return in one year.

    • Peaceful payroll: automatically-transferred, salary-relevant data is sent to preliminary payroll.

    • Inbox zero: employees easily manage everyday tasks on their own, without having to contact HR.

    An all-in-one experience to support your business' complexities

    Easy setup

    Get your organisation up and running fast with tailored implementation and onboarding designed for your business.

    Data security

    Personio meets Europe’s high standards and requirements for data security – and reflects the regional needs of our customers all across Europe.

    Flexible options

    Thanks to monthly subscriptions and being able to customise our product based on the needs of your large business.

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    Personio is a leader when it comes to helping mid-market businesses core HR tasks and processes. See where we rank on G2's software comparison platform. While we are proud of all badges, we want to highlight a unique differentiator: the Leader Badge highlights that we are the only solution that offers a full HRIS and Help Desk solution for SMBs.

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      We take customer support seriously

      • 300+ employees work in support: 90% of users say they are satisfied with our support. We're here via phone and email in your language and during your working hours. 

      • Help at your fingertips: eight channels of educational content, including our 24/7 self-service help centre with more than 2000 articles  

      • A like-minded community: we offer a thriving community of HR professionals, so you can get answers and best practices from other experts.

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        Frequently asked questions

        Why is HR software important for scaling organisations?

        Larger or scaling organisations come with a lot of complexity. For that reason, it becomes critical to have some kind of HR system that can bring all of your information in one place. 

        Firstly, it helps give time back for your HR team to focus on work that drives wider initiatives (like engagement or employee productivity). 

        Secondly, it makes it easier for your employees to do routine tasks like tracking their time, booking holidays or anything else. In many cases, they can do it from the tools they already use, such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

        How do you choose the right HR solution?

        For a global or scaling business, the right HR solution is going to hinge on three things: user-friendliness (i.e. employee self-service), the right range of services and a thorough implementation process to get things rolling (and fast). 

        • User-friendliness: For any HR software to succeed, it needs to be adopted by employees. So you need to choose a solution that is easy to use, makes sense to employees and meets their daily needs. 

        • The right features: You need to invest in a solution that satisfies a wide range of needs such as centralising your documents and policies, helping employees sign contracts, onboarding new talent and running performance reviews. 

        • Fast implementation: Lastly, you need to trust a team of HR experts who can help implement a new system with your workforce in mind. A software is only going to be as strong as the team helping implement it, so you need to partner up with a team you can trust. 

        All of these things considered, we would love for you to consider Personio. You can speak with an expert today, or sign up for one of our 30-minute webinars for an easy introduction. 

        Should you wait to digitise your HR function?

        Especially for a business that is global, scaling or comes with added complexities, the time is now to digitise your HR processes. After all, waiting comes at a cost, and your team may already begin to see rising costs and frustrations in their work.

        Digitising your HR function means saving on costs and saving on time. When your needs are growing at an accelerated pace, that is time your team could be using to help your organisation become an amazing place to work. 

        Which benefits does Personio offer for global and scaling businesses?

        Larger-sized organisations can benefit from a myriad of features with Personio: 

        1. It’s an HRIS software that can scale with growing teams, perfect for teams who would rather spend their time focusing on their people rather than on files. 

        2. Running many of your major HR processes at scale is another key benefit. That means organising things like managing holiday requests, time tracking and performance reviews, alongside many other common HR processes can be done simultaneously and using automation. 

        3. Personio offers over 200+ integrations. This allows your large business to integrate Personio with a variety of tools to accomplish other parts of your work. This might include Slack, Google Calendar and more. 

        Over 10,000 happy customers

        Over 4,850,796 absences approved, 2,756,577 applications submitted online and 56,864 new hires made. Our customers are hard at work creating more impact with Personio – here’s how they do it.

        Hear from our customers
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        "Scaling means that what I need today is not what I will need tomorrow. To me, Personio is the perfect answer to that because I know I can do almost everything I want with the tool. I love that, in the end, the employees have been adopting the tool so easily. It really helped me in the transition."

        Agnès Chauvigny

        Agnès Chauvigny

        Senior people manager, Spendesk

        Read the story here

        "Personio has become our single source of truth for all HR data. All relevant stakeholders are provided with valid figures and reports. In addition, we have an overview of all key figures such as FTE, personnel costs or attendances and absences on this basis"

        Daniel Gebhard

        Daniel Gebhard

        Senior HR Manager, Urban Sports Club

        Read the story here

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