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Our mission at Personio? To give HR teams time to focus on what really matters: people. We help automate people processes and free up time for more strategic work, enabling HR to go beyond HR.

Since we started our journey, we’ve helped 10,000 HR teams across Europe focus less on admin and more on people. Let us help you do the same.

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    Our Story

    Personio was founded in 2015 by Hanno Renner, Roman Schumacher, Arseniy Vershinin, and Jonas Rieke.

    The founding team has its origins at the Center for Digital Technology & Management (CDTM) in Munich.

    1. 2015
    2. Personio was founded
    3. 2016
    4. $2.2M Seed-Investment
    5. 2017
    6. $12M Series A funding
    7. 2018
    8. 100 employees
    9. Move to larger office
    10. 2019
    11. $40M Series B funding
    12. Opening of Madrid office and acquisition of Spanish payroll startup "Rollbox"
    13. 2020
    14. $75M Series C funding
    15. Opening of London office
    16. Opening of Dublin office
    17. 500 employees
    18. 2021
    19. $125M Series D funding & $1.7B valuation
    20. Opening of Amsterdam office
    21. 5,000 customers
    22. Launch of People Workflow Automation & $270M Series E funding & $6.3B valuation
    23. 1,000 employees
    24. Launch of Personio Foundation
    25. 2022
    26. Opening of offices in Berlin and Barcelona
    27. Acquisition of German employee experience solution "Back"
    28. $200M second Series E funding & $8.5B valuation
    29. 2023
    30. 10,000 customers
    31. Opening of New York office

    Our Offices

    Munich Office
    Madrid Office
    London Office
    Dublin office
    Amsterdam office
    Berlin Office Personio
    Barcelona Office Personio
    New York
    New York Office

    Executive Team

    Profile picture of Hanno Renner CEO of Personio
    Hanno Renner

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Jonas Rieke, Chief Operations Officer (COO)
    Jonas Rieke

    Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

    Geraldine MacCarthy, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
    Geraldine MacCarthy

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Birgit Haderer, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    Birgit Haderer

    Chief Financial Officer

    Maria Angelidou-Smith
    Maria Angelidou-Smith

    Chief Product & Technology Officer

    Naman Khan, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    Naman Khan

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Regional Leads

    Oliver Manojlovic, Vice President of Sales
    Oliver Manojlovic

    VP Sales Central Europe

    Scott Sampson
    Scott Sampson

    Country Manager UK&I

    Chema Ballarin
    Chema Ballarin

    Head of Southern Europe

     Profile picture of Maria Duni
    Maria Duni

    Country Manager Nordics

    Koen Stam Head of Benelux
    Koen Stam

    Head of Benelux