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HR Task Management & Reminders

Keeping Tasks
Top Of Mind

Too many jobs to do and not enough employee reminders? Personio can automate your admin tasks reminders and streamline your HR task management today. Delegate important tasks and ensure they are done in only a few clicks.

Task and Reminders Dashboard in HR Software

Every To-Do At Your Fingertips

A colleague has just completed their probation period, a contract is about to expire, and a performance review is coming up. Simply record important dates and deadlines in Personio, and the application reminds you and your managers reliably and on time.

Check Off Tasks
in a Flash

Personio reminds those in charge of tasks as soon as they are due
by displaying a notification in the dashboard and sending an email.
Clicking on the dashboard link then takes them straight to the task,
where they can access all relevant information.
Onboarding Tasks with HR Software
Tasks and Reminders Overview

Work Efficiently
and Autonomously

Whether there's a missing medical certificate or applicant feedback that still needs to be completed: Assign tasks in Personio to ensure they are done by the right person. Personio automatically sends employee reminders of pending to-dos. You can then see when tasks have been done, so there's no need to keep checking.

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Saving Time With HR Task Management Software

The last thing HR departments want to deal with is having to chase people to complete their tasks. That’s why having automated admin tasks reminders for employees is so critical. It allows you to seamlessly, and without worry, schedule things for completion while the software takes care of the rest.

So, how do employee reminders work and how do they help? When you work with a solution like Personio, it helps cover time spent on administration so that you can focus on what really matters: people and strategy. Read on to learn more about admin tasks reminders with Personio.

What Is HR Task Management?

Task management is essentially the process of getting employees to complete their administrative work. Whether this is signing contracts, signaling the completion of a probation period, or conducting a performance review.

In short, it is the way in which employees keep track and complete these various tasks. It is typically done in a way that it is central, easily accessible, and also sends automated employee reminders so that work is never swept under the rug.

What Happens When HR Has Proper Task Management Software In Place?

When put into place, proper task management make a world of difference for HR managers and leaders alike. Why? Because it offers a significant reduction in the time that it would normally take to remind employees of important tasks.

Instead an automated software makes this simple, easy, and helps employees complete their tasks on time and with minimal friction. It introduces an element of employee self service, where they can complete their work seamlessly, so HR can focus on strategic matters.

How Often Should Employee Reminders Be Sent?

The simple answer is, ‘as often as they need to be!’ You Should have the opportunity to customize how often employees are reminded of their important tasks and send emails in order to keep these tasks top of mind. This way, employees are reminded, in a non-intrusive fashion, of what they need to do.

Benefits of Introducing HR Task Management Software:

  • An employee can complete their own tasks at their leisure.
  • HR is automatically alerted when tasks are completed.
  • Time spent chasing employees for completion is reduced significantly.
  • Administrative processes are housed in one central location.
  • Completing tasks is as simple as checking a button for employees.
  • Spreadsheets and scattered information become a thing of the past!

What Are Important Admin Task Reminders To Track?

Here are some examples of helpful tasks you can track within Personio:

  • Employee contracts to be signed
  • Performance review feedback
  • Interview feedback
  • Contract expiration dates
  • Contract renewal signing
  • Birthdays for relevant employees
  • Missing medical or immigration documents

Streamline Tasks, Reduce Headaches

When you house all of your relevant admin tasks and employee reminders in one place, it becomes easier for employees to keep track of things. Did you finish signing that contract? Has that review been completed? What did you think of that recent interview?

Information stays top of mind, which results in more meaningful and accurate engagement from employees. Plus, it becomes less of a chore and more of a pleasure because employees no longer have to worry about when to get things done — but how to best do them.

Therefore, HR task management software offers a world of opportunity for HR teams and employees alike. They get the opportunity to keep track of things easily and without worry.

Unlock your productive potential with Personio today.