Electronic signature

Sign documents online – quickly and legally

Sign offer and employee documents quickly, legally, and digitally with an electronic signature. Save time, paper, and money, while improving efficiency and experience.


    Provide seamless candidate experiences

    When you have an electronic signature software, candidates never have to wait for documents to arrive by mail. Instead, Personio delivers a seamless candidate experience from receiving the offer to signing it.

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      Manage employee documents more efficiently

      Save yourself the time spent printing, mailing, and filing documents. Use templates to create them and, with the click of a button, have them signed directly in Personio with a simple e-signature.

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        Gain access to an eIDAS-compliant, advanced electronic signature software to sign employment contracts and employee documents with ease.

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          E-Signatures with Personio

          Find out what HR freedom feels like – making time for people and strategy.

          Electronic signature software with Personio

          Having an electronic signature software, as part of your overall HR software, offers a world of possibilities when it comes to your core HR processes. That’s because e-signatures are easy, user-friendly, and completely secure. Here are some answers to popular questions…
          What is an electronic signature?