Fast and effortless implementation of Personio

Our HR operating system is a cloud-based software solution, meaning that you can use your Personio account from anywhere instantly – and we are happy to support you with it.

During the implementation phase, you will prepare and import your existing employee data and configure your account to our industry-leading setup standards. By mapping your processes in Personio, you will quickly become a confident product expert and have the ability to easily make adjustments in the future.

    Fast and Effortless The Implementation of Personio

    Your path to becoming a product expert

    Individualized support

    You will receive step-by-step coaching on how to become a Personio expert through interactive product trainings, tutorials, and emails.

    Multimedia Support

    In addition to the support from your Implementation Specialist, you will have access to a variety of resources such as our Help Center, in-app tours, webinars, and handbooks.

      Your Path to Becoming a Product Expert
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      Fast and clearly structured: Implementation with Personio

      Dedicated team

      Our team and community support you during the implementation process via web demos, interactive courses, and coaching by email or phone.

      Individual Project Plan

      We will develop a detailed project plan for you to help you enable value as quickly as possible.

      Account Setup

      From working time models to approval processes: our experts help you configure Personio to meet your unique needs.

      Becoming a product expert

      We offer training and guidance for up to two contact persons at your company, to ensure you can use Personio successfully.

      Data import

      We support you as you import your employee data, salaries, and historical absences. We provide standardized Excel templates for data preparation.

      Best practices in Personio

      Not only do we help you implement Personio, we also share practical tips to make your daily work easier.

      Implementation Kick-Off

      As soon as you have chosen Personio, the Implementation Team will contact you shortly and support you in implementing your company structure and processes in Personio in the best possible way. Since Personio is quite extensive and we aim an as uncomplicated as possible setup for you, your Implementation Specialist will provide you with all information about the implementation in online meetings, e-mail and in our webinars in the Personio Voyage Academy.

      Setup of the HR Management

      Step 1
      Import Employee Data

      Goal: The personnel data of all your employees are imported and you have a good understanding of how to use the digital employee file.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 2
      Configure Offices and Departments

      Goal: Weekly standard hours and holiday calendars are assigned in such a way that attendances and absences are calculated correctly.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 3
      Import Salaries

      Goal: Historical and current data of fixed salaries, hourly wages, bonuses as well as special payments (one time) and additional compensations (recurring) are imported.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 4
      Configure Preparatory Payroll

      Goal: Different Accounting groups and billing periods are created and the settings of the preparatory payroll are configured in order to generate the monthly payroll export.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 5
      Configure and Assign Working Hour Schedules

      Goal: A working hour schedule is assigned to each employee which is necessary to correctly calculate attendance times and absence time accruals.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 6
      Configure Absence Types and Accrual Policies

      Goal: All absence types, such as paid vacation, sick days or business travel, are available and the rules for accrual policies (e.g. for paid vacation) are assigned to employees.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 7
      Import Absence Periods

      Goal: Historical and planned absence periods of all employees are imported.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 8
      Check Employee Roles and Access Rights

      By assigning roles and access rights, your company structure is set up in a way that all employees can see or edit exactly the data they need for their work.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 9
      Configure Approval Processes

      All approval processes for attendance, absences, and change requests of employee data are set up.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 10
      Configure Employee On- and Offboarding Templates

      Goal: Onboarding processes for different employee groups, such as permanent employees and working students, are set up in such a way that new employees have a smooth start.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 11
      Configure Document Templates and Multiupload of Employee Documents

      Goal: Document templates, such as confirmations, are available.

      Help: Helpcenter Article & Multiupload

      Setup of the Recruiting Features (if booked)

      Step 1
      Configure Phases and Categories

      Goal: With setting up phases and categories, all your different application processes are available in Personio.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 2
      Configure Email Settings

      Goal: Incoming emails appear in the Personio recruiting inbox, outgoing emails are sent via your SMTP server and email templates, such as confirmations or interview invitations, are available.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 3
      Create and Manage Recruiting Interview Types

      Goal: All interview types are created and you know how to plan, manage and invite different parties (applicants as well as employees) to interview meetings.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 4
      Create Evaluation Sheets

      Customized evaluation sheets for standardized applicant evaluations are available.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 5
      Create a Personio Career Page

      Goal: Your job page is set up in such a way that you can publish new job postings automatically and applicants have the possibility to apply quickly and easily for one of your vacancies.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 6
      Configure External Channels

      Goal: All relevant sources (channels) are available so that you can create a tracking link for each vacancy and channel to get a better understanding where your applicants come from.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      Step 7
      Configure Recruitment Roles and Access Rights

      Goal: All employees involved in the application process have exactly the rights to access the applicant data which they need for their work.

      Help: Helpcenter Article

      What's next?

      Implementation Kick-Off
      Once you select Personio, our Implementation Team will assist in setting up your company structure and processes. Your Implementation Specialist will ensure a smooth experience by providing information on features through meetings, emails, and webinars.
      Handover to our Customer Service team
      After implementation, our Customer Service team handles product queries. Contact your Growth Manager via Personio's Help > Find Answers for upgrades or plan queries. Best wishes with Personio, the HR system. Excited to collaborate!