Absence management

The recording and administration of holidays, sick leave, and other types of work absences using Excel and Co. requires a deep understanding of various formulas and functions, as well as good organizational abilities, in order to avoid descending into chaos. HR – Software, that has been specifically developed to solve these problems, offers a much simpler and faster solution.

Effortlessly transfer your absence categories into Personio


Configuration of your own absence categories

Create your own absence categories, such as working from home, training, or maternity leave, and adapt them to your organization’s regulations. Determine, for example, if leaves of absence only apply during the working week, if half-day leaves are possible, or if leaves of absence can be transferred from one year to the next.

Employee Self-Service

Let employees request vacation and record sick days online themselves.

Custom approval steps

Individualized approval processes

Define an approval process for each absence. Determine, for example, that requests for vacation days must be approved by the direct superior and an HR-Manager before they can be accepted into the Personio system.

Easy to use

Time-off management with HR software

Simple approval for leaves of absence

Superiors can approve leaves of absence with a simple click.  

Automatic reminders

Stipulate, after how many days of absence for sickness, the employee will be automatically asked to upload a doctor’s certificate.

Request a representative

Let employees choose a representative when making requests for vacation. This person can then accept or deny the role of representative and will be automatically included in the approval process.

Calendar integration

Link your Personio-Calendar with Google or Outlook using iCAL.

An overview for all employees, thanks to the vacation planner


Flexible calendar display

Display vacation, sick days, birthdays, and interview appointments for each employee, team, division, or company location in your calendar.

Adaptable access rights

Define which calendars employees in specific roles, teams, or divisions are allowed to see.

Recruit, Manage & Develop

All in one place

Applicant Sourcing

Create job announcements with only a few clicks and publish them on the integrated career webpage as well as on over a hundred job portals.

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Applicant Tracking System

Keep an eye on all candidates, open positions and feedback from colleagues. Decrease your time-to-hire and make objective decisions.

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Personio helps small and mid-sized companies plan their Onboarding process and carry it out in a structured manner. All with the goal of successful cooperation.

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Digital Employee File

With the digital employee file, an HR Manager can pull-up all relevant information with a push of the button at any time.

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Do away with complicated Excel tables, manual calculations, and stress at the end of every month. Personio takes care of all your payroll accounting with the click of a button.

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Document Management

Give your employees access to the documents that they should be able to see while also secure in knowledge that the necessary documents will still be there when you need them.

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Attendance Tracking

Easy-to-use entry forms prevent mistakes and smart background calculations find the correct aggregate working hours – fully adaptable.

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Absence Management

Do away with Excel and Co for recording and administration of holidays, sick leave, and other types of work absences.

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Record the individual goal agreements made with your employees in Personio and ensure a standardized operation across departmental boundaries.

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Personio helps with transparent and ordered processes to guarantee standardized employee assessments.

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How much leeway do you have to improve your HR Management?

Personio supports you in all of your HR processes, from managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting. Receive a free Test-Account or find out in our 20 minute Webdemo which processes you can optimize through the use of more efficient software.