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More Applicants Through Greater Visibility

Never lose time again managing job ads – let Personio take care of them in only a few steps. Create and control job ads centrally in Personio and publish them on any (or all) of the popular recruitment platforms at the click of a button. With Personio, your focus remains on the job ad rather than on how to publish it.

Accelerate Your Recruitment Process

Place Job Ads More Quickly and Easily
Create job ads collaboratively and centrally and publish them at the click of a button, without any IT support. Edit them just as easily in a one-stop process.

Structured Recruitment Processes
A second interview? Another task? Easily define department-specific recruitment processes as required to obtain a more refined picture of applicants.

Make Systematic Decisions
See how many applicants are at which stage of the recruitment process at any time to maintain a clear and consistent overview as a basis for transparent decisions.

Find the right candidates more quickly with recruitment software.

Fill Critical Positions Quickly with the Right Candidates

Publish Job Ads
Publish job ads on any (or all) of the popular recruitment portals with only a few clicks while enjoying the benefits of centralized billing and preferential framework contracts.

More Applicants for the Same Money
Each application is automatically tagged with the channel through which it is received. As a result, you know very quickly which portal works most effectively for you, so you can prioritize it.

Stress-free Data Transfers and Reports at Your Fingertips

The Right Access for the Right People – and Only the Right People
Personio is your recruitment dashboard. Gone are the days when you needed to send documents and information from A to B: With Personio, you rather invite employees to access data within the system. You grant access permissions at different levels to ensure you are always in control of which people involved in the recruitment process have access to which applicant data. Naturally, Personio is fully GDPR-compliant.

Base Decisions on More than Your Gut Feeling
Use Personio to make data-driven decisions and avoid misjudgments. Personio provides you with current data on a wide range of processes at the click of a button: whether cost per hire or the effectiveness of various recruitment channels.

Recruitment software makes multiposting possible

Greater Job Ad Visibility Thanks to Multiposting

Publish job ads on over 350 job portals in German speaking countries at a single click of a button to reach more candidates with less effort. Naturally, Personio also allows you to select individual portals.

Your Own Careers Page in Just a Few Clicks

Design your own careers page and publish job ads that express your corporate identity, including customized application forms. If you already have a careers page, simply link it to Personio via an interface.

Track your recruiting success with recruitment software.

Which Recruitment Channel Delivers the Most Applicants?

If you want to know where best to invest your resources, you need to track how successful your recruitment channels are. The Personio dashboard shows you precisely how many applicants are added to the system via which platform, so that you can target your job ads more specifically.

How Can Recruitment Software like Personio Help You Recruit Better Candidates, Faster?

The candidates are out there. You know they are. But how do you find them?

Applicant sourcing can be enormously frustrating for employers who desperately need the skills of qualified, experienced candidates to fit their requirements. Finding the right candidates is not easy, even in times where there are more candidates available than jobs. It is even harder when the unemployment rate is so low and candidates have their pick of jobs. So how do you find, attract and recruit better candidates when everyone is competing for them?

If only there were a perfect solution – a way of managing all the applications, CVs and steps in the process for the job… Fortunately, there is a solution. The answer lies in using intelligent recruitment software like Personio to make the recruitment process less painful: from the moment the business decides to post a job description to the moment that the candidate is actually in the office and their data is safely in your person management system.

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software is software that helps companies find, attract and hire the right candidates. Recruitment software can help recruiters create job ads, provide an easy application process for candidates and can even help recruiters analyze which recruiting channels are the most successful for them.

A More Efficient Recruitment Process

With Personio you can say goodbye to spreadsheets, get clarity at all stages of the process internally (with appropriate access for hiring managers and relevant, authorized employees) and create job adverts easily, as well as making the application process simpler (which means greater clarity for candidates). Personio also provides you with templated letters, the ability to transfer data between systems, and you can even analyze the success of your recruitment channels!

Faster Recruiting Means Faster Hiring Results

How Do You Attract More Candidates?

The first step to attracting the right candidate is getting the job description right – and then making sure that the job adverts are put in front of them in the right places: where they are mostly like to see the relevant adverts.

Creating Great Job Ads

Hiring the right person begins with creating the right job ad. Since Personio can restrict who sees candidate and job-related information, and all the information is in one place, it is possible to create job ads more quickly, easily, centrally and collaboratively. No more emailing documents and edits back and forth! All relevant stakeholders have access to the job and can edit information directly in Personio. The advertisements can then be published in a way that matches with your company branding, and since no IT involvement is required it is a whole lot faster to get job descriptions ‘out there’ on the web to multiple channels and on your own website.

Publishing Job Ads with the Click of a Button…

With Personio it is possible to publish adverts to any (or all) of the most popular recruitment platforms simply by clicking a button. We call it ‘multiposting’ and it makes life so much easier! You can design your own careers page or publish the advert straight onto your website via an interface, just as easily. Of course, the content is mobile-ready and our processes are GDPR-compliant.

Making it Easy for Candidates to Apply: Simple Application Process

Between 40% and 60% of job seekers are now using their mobiles to search for jobs. Some sources say that almost half of them are applying for the jobs they find via their mobiles too, so it is really important to have a simple application process. Helping applicants apply with the click of a button doesn’t just give them a good impression, it also helps HR get more candidates. But once a candidate applies – how do you keep them engaged?

Keeping Track of Candidates and Responding to Them

According to Careerbuilder, “82% of workers expect to hear back from a company when they apply for a job regardless of whether the employer is interested”. Fortunately, Personio makes it easy for recruiters to respond to applicants. Once an applicant submits their application, Personio can ensure they receive an automated email (which can be edited by HR or Recruitment) confirming their application has been received. Using the same platform, recruiters can ask about their salary expectations and see which expectations are a good fit.

Once applications have been received, job ads are accessible to every relevant stakeholder from one platform, so there is no need to rely on HR or Recruitment to constantly email internal stakeholders to keep them updated about next steps, forward CVs or share the original job descriptions or other relevant information. It is all in one system for stakeholders to access easily.

Critically, since Personio is GDPR compliant, only people with relevant access rights can edit job ads and see candidate data. To meet the same requirements, the data of all rejected applicants is automatically deleted after the prescribed period.

Less Money Spent, and Greater Recruiting Success

How do you know which publishing platforms are working for you?

Even though recruitment platforms may provide statistics about how many candidates have viewed or applied for your jobs – comparing these is no easy task. Fortunately, Personio automatically tags all applications with the channel that candidates applied through – giving you valuable information about which platforms are attracting the right candidates for you and helping you make more cost-effective decisions about where to advertise in future.

Want to Know the Cost per Hire?

The power of data available in Personio goes beyond just selecting the right advertising locations: You can also get a clear and consistent overview of the numbers of candidates at each stage of the process, and use the data in the system to based decisions on more than just gut feel. Personio actually helps organisations make data-driven decisions and avoid bias. It also provides a huge amount of information that would normally take recruiters valuable hours to pull together: at the click of a button.

Once You’ve Found People – How Do You Make the Process Quicker?

Many candidates get frustrated with the length of time it takes to go through the recruitment process. For example, 47% of respondents in a Glassdoor survey said that untimely responses was one of their top frustrations during the interview process. So, it is great that Personio can help provide structure during your recruitment processes. We help you create department-specific processes so you can spot how many candidates are at which stage of the process and even send templated responses to candidates easily and quickly when they reach (or fall out) of a certain stage. This also helps relevant team members recruiting for the role make decisions more quickly.

Okay – You’ve Found the Candidate – but Their Data’s in the Wrong System!

Don’t worry: since Personio recruitment software is more than just a candidate application platform you can seamlessly transfer data from the recruitment platform to a digital employee file once a candidate accepts an offer. You don’t even need to drag and drop data: simply click one button and the onboarding process can be initiated right away!

Who Should Use Personio?

Whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees we provide different packages for companies who struggle to stay on top of open positions and job ads. Our recruitment software also helps companies whose recruiting workflows are not as efficient as they could be, or who want to take their recruiting to the next level.

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Applicant Tracking System

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Forget about complicated Excel spreadsheets, manual calculations and stressful end-of-month pay runs and let Personio take care of all your payroll accounting at the click of a button.

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Store your employees’ individual target agreements in Personio and implement standardized processes across departmental boundaries.

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Personio facilitates transparent, streamlined processes to ensure standardized performance appraisals.

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