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Join our host, Perry Timms, as he speaks with industry-leading experts on a wide range of subjects. Listen in now to discover a world of work better designed for tomorrow’s people. New episodes every two weeks!

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    Topics From Talent to Innovation to Leadership

    In each episode, Perry speaks with the working world’s great thinkers, innovators, curators and tacticians. The discussions help uncover the many dimensions of what we call ‘work’ – and how we should think about it.

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      Tomorrow’s People: Latest Episodes

      You can find and enjoy each episode of Tomorrow’s People below. You can also find us on platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Podcasts. Listen to us anytime, anywhere!

      Episode #1: Talking Talent with Hung Lee

      In our debut episode, Perry sits down with Hung Lee, Founder of Recruiting Brainfood. They discuss what is shaping and changing the world of talent acquisition.

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      Episode #2: Finding Purpose with Bruce Daisley

      Perry chats with Sunday Times bestseller and host of Eat Sleep Work Repeat, Bruce Daisley. They speak on culture at employers like Google and Twitter – and finding 'purpose' in work.

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      Episode #3: Designing Experiences with Michelle Clark

      In a special live episode, Perry hits the stage with Michelle Clark, Executive Director of Diversity and Talent at The Children’s Society. They delve into the vital role of people experience.

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      Episode #4: Peak Performance with Chris Shambrook

      Perry speaks with Chris Shambrook, a Group Performance Director and former sports psychologist for the British rowing team on the brilliance of “acceptable failure”.

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      Episode #5: Discussing Diversity with Frank Douglas

      Frank Douglas is the CEO at Caerus Executive and one of the UK’s top 10 “HR Thinkers”. In this episode, he and Perry dive deep into what makes a truly ‘enlightened’ organisation.

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      Episode #6: The Economics of Purpose with Alex Edmans

      Perry sits down with Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at the London Business School. Together, they discuss Alex’s work into the data that drives purpose at work.

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