Payroll Accounting with DATEV

Transmit Payroll Data Quickly and Easily

For greater efficiency and complete data security, the seamless integration between DATEV’s payroll software and Personio allows you to send important payroll data with only the click of a button.

    Datev Personio

    A Win-Win Situation for HR and Tax Consultants

    The payroll data you need, in one click, with no miscommunication. Using DATEV’s integration with Personio, you allow both payroll accountants and tax consultants to work more efficiently and effectively.

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      Data Protection at the Highest Level

      Together, Personio and DATEV stand for absolute data security. In integrating the two systems, you will never have to rely on unencrypted mail or email to transmit sensitive data from Personio to your tax consultant or payroll accountant. Completely secure, for your benefit.

        Datev Software Partner

        Stress-Free Reporting Dates

        Streamline your accounting processes, thanks to Personio’s ability to aggregate and highlight all changes in each relevant payroll period. Once you have reviewed the data, simply click to finalize your preparatory payroll. Tax consultants and payroll accountants even receive separate access, for greater transparency before reporting dates.

          DATEV - Stress-Free Reportings

          Automatic Retrieval of eAU certificates

          Win back up to 20 hours every month by automatically retrieving the eAU certificates. Retrieving eAU certificates is yet another routine, time consuming task added to an already busy schedule of HR professionals. With Personio and DATEV integration, this process becomes entirely automatic and seamless. The eAU certificates are automatically retrieved and stored in the respective absence period of your employees.

            eAU certificates

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            Have Questions?

            What data is transmitted to DATEV?

            The integration with DATEV includes the automated data exchange of employee and payroll related data as well as documents. For DATEV LODAS and DATEV Lohn und Gehalt currently employee master data, fixed salaries, hourly wages, one-time and recurring compensations are transferred from Personio to the DATEV. From DATEV to Personio currently the transfer of eAU confirmations and and other documents is supported, including payslips, social security notifications, A1 certificates, payroll journal and many more.

            As part of the partnership with DATEV, the scope of integration is continuously being expanded to include additional data points and documents. Contact our sales team for more information. Existing customers can obtain more information from their Growth Manager.

            Is data encrypted for transfers between Personio and DATEV?

            DATEV and Personio view data security as a top priority. That is why data is TLS-encrypted, according to current standards (A+ rating) for transmissions. In addition, both providers conduct regular technical tests of their respective software to ensure maximum security.

            Is the integration compatible with all of DATEV's payroll applications?

            Yes, the integration is compatible with all of DATEV’s payroll solutions: DATEV LODAS as well as DATEV Lohn und Gehalt.

            How long does it take to set up the integration with DATEV?

            For new customers, this integration will have no effect on their implementation time. Personio, including DATEV integration, will be ready within an average of four weeks. Please feel free to get in touch with your sales contact for further information.

             For existing customers, it only takes an average of around four hours to set up the DATEV integration. This step is handled by our Payroll Operations Team.