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Provide Fast, Effective Support With Smart HR Service Delivery

HR teams are often inundated with day-to-day employee requests coming to them via multiple channels such as Slack, Teams and email.

A lack of a central solution to manage them causes a major productivity drain – time is wasted answering repetitive questions again and again.

To solve this, meet Personio Conversations.

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    Create Efficiency With A Central HR Help Desk

    Personio Conversations is an employee concierge that houses every employee request, no matter which channel it was sent from.

    • Streamline your HR service delivery and boost productivity company-wide. 

    • Tackle requests faster to avoid delays and keep employees engaged and informed.

    • Satisfy employees by answering on the channels they use: email, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

    • Ensure fairness and compliance by standardising how your employees get support.

      Team Insights Conversations

      Boost Retention With a Seamless Employee Experience

      Make it easy for each employee to succeed by keeping essential HR information at their fingertips. Your employees can:

      • Ask questions and make requests right from the apps they already use, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams

      • Use one single system for all internal help – reaching HR, IT, legal, finance or whoever they need to connect with.

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        Streamline Every Aspect of HR Operations

        Save time by automating your employee request processes:

        • Assign and prioritise requests

        • Track requests across teams and systems

        • Use automated forms to gather details from employees

          Conversations Requests

          The Impact Personio Conversations Will Have on Daily Work

          • You will maximise efficiency by automatically centralising dispersed requests from shared inboxes, email, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

          • Your employees will get quick, reliable help without having to even leave the apps they work in every day.

          • You can scale your people operations with ease. Whether you’re adding 10 or 100 employees, the process will be fast, simple and hassle-free.

          Over 10,000 Happy Customers

          More than 8000 customers across Europe already use Personio, now made even more powerful with Personio Conversations. See how Personio Conversations could transform your HR service delivery – book your free customised demo now.

          Speak to an Expert

          "We save about three hours work every single day in recruiting and communication with candidates. Reporting has become much more efficient, and HR administration is now seamless."

          Magdalena Rautinger

          Magdalena Rautinger

          Head of HR – MediaShop GmbH

          "At the moment we have a couple of adjacent processes, like budgeting or employee request management that we are using other tools for. Having such functionality in Personio will make our lives a lot easier."

          Sebastian Bourmer

          Sebastian Bourmer

          Chief Financial Officer – statista

          HR Service Delivery and HR Service Delivery FAQs

          What Is an HR Help desk or HR Service Delivery System?

          An HR help desk refers to HR service delivery software used to centralise and solve employee requests. It empowers HR teams to minimise time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks and make time for what matters – their people.

          Why Do HR or People Operations Need an HR Help desk or HR Service Delivery System?

          With the right HR help desk or HR service delivery system in place, employees can quickly find the answers they need independently, therefore reducing HR’s time spent on admin requests, increasing satisfaction and eliminating waiting times. HR teams can create standardised processes for the most common requests.

          Can an HR Help desk or HR Service Delivery System Be Used by Other Functions Within an Organisation?

          A huge advantage of an HR help desk or HR service delivery system is that it can also be used to streamline common processes that involve multiple teams. This can include the likes of onboarding (HR, IT, legal), recruiting (HR, marketing, finance) and many more business-critical processes.

          Can I Automate Any of My Answers/Responses Within an HR Help desk or HR Service Delivery System?

          Yes, an HR help desk or HR service delivery system is designed to enable employees to find the information they need without delay, while HR can significantly reduce the time spent answering repetitive questions. HR teams can use their knowledge base here to share essential information with employees.

          Does Personio Conversations Integrate With Any Communication Apps Which My Organisation May Be Using?

          Yes, you can use Personio Conversations as an HR help desk system that integrates directly with your employees’ chosen messaging apps. This includes email, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Employees can ask questions or log requests from within these apps.

          How Does Personio Conversations Help Me Manage My Work and Employee Requests?

          Personio Conversations is an HR help desk system that empowers HR teams to eliminate repetitive questions and requests with automation and knowledge-sharing. By centralising HR requests, HR teams can maximise productivity and employees can get fast, reliable support.

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