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Automated help 24/7

With a single home for existing HR knowledge and employee requests

HR teams are often inundated with day-to-day employee requests, spending too much time simply directing employees to the right documents scattered across various systems.

A lack of a central solution to manage this documentation drains productivity and frustrates employees – time is wasted answering repetitive questions. 

Never go searching for answers again. Meet Personio Conversations.

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    Handle requests with a central HR help desk

    Personio Conversations acts as your team's automated concierge. From one place, you can store information, easily handle employee requests and feel confident that your people are getting answers fast.

    • Streamline your HR service delivery and boost productivity company-wide.

    • Leverage AI to answer questions instantly, ensuring employees feel engaged and informed.

    • Satisfy employees by answering on the channels they already use like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

    • Ensure fairness and compliance by standardizing how your employees receive support.

      Personio Dashboard Conversation Analytics

      Treat employees to a seamless experience

      Provide stellar employee experiences by having everything easily accessible and in one place.

      • Utilise an HR-focused, AI-powered chatbot for instant replies to your most routine requests.

      • Employees can ask questions and make requests right from the apps they already use, like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

      • Maintain a single system for all internal help, IT requests, legal issues and more.

        Slack with chatbot

        Break the cycle of impactless HR work through automation

        Leave the routine answers to us, giving you more time to focus on strategic work.

        • Our built-in knowledge base allows you to create, manage, and store all existing HR knowledge in one place with integrations to Confluence, Notion and Microsoft Sharepoint.

        • Easily track the frequency of question types to identify gaps in your own internal knowledge base, ensuring you always share correct guidance.

        • Automatically ensure that location- or role-specific knowledge is delivered to the relevant employees alone.

          Personio Dashboard Knowledge Articles

          Streamline every aspect of HR operations

          Save time by automating your employee request processes:

          • Assign and prioritise requests.

          • Track requests across teams and systems.

          • Use automated forms to gather details from employees.

            Personio Dashboard Home Screen Inbox

            The impact Personio Conversations will have on daily work

            • You will maximise efficiency by automatically centralising dispersed requests from shared inboxes, email, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

            • Your employees will get quick, reliable help without having to even leave the apps they work in every day.

            • You can scale your people operations with ease. Whether you’re adding 10 or 100 employees, the process will be fast, simple and hassle-free.

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            Over 12,000 happy customers

            More than 12.000 customers across Europe already use Personio, now made even more powerful with Personio Conversations. See how Personio Conversations could transform your HR service delivery – book your free customised demo now.

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            "Thanks to Conversations, we were able to take our employee experience to a new level. Everyone knew the current status of their HR ticket – it makes for simple, effective and transparent communication."

            Anna-Lena Pusch

            Anna-Lena Pusch

            People Operations Manager, Getsafe

            "We are excited to further automate our HR with AI-Powered Answers. Soon, employees can can have answers suggested to them based on their request in an automated way, which may even solve questions immediately."

            Erika Werle

            Erika Werle

            People Operations Manager, ABOUT YOU SE & Co. KG

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            HR service delivery FAQs

            What Is an HR help desk or HR service delivery system?

            An HR help desk refers to HR service delivery software used to centralise and solve employee requests. It empowers HR teams to minimise time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks and make time for what matters – their people.

            Why Do HR or People Operations need an HR help desk or HR service delivery system?

            With the right HR help desk or HR service delivery system in place, employees can quickly find the answers they need independently, therefore reducing HR’s time spent on admin requests, increasing satisfaction and eliminating waiting times. HR teams can create standardised processes for the most common requests.

            Can an HR Help desk or HR service delivery system be used by other functions within an organisation?

            A huge advantage of an HR help desk or HR service delivery system is that it can also be used to streamline common processes that involve multiple teams. This can include the likes of onboarding (HR, IT, legal), recruiting (HR, marketing, finance) and many more business-critical processes.

            Can I automate any of my answers/responses within an HR help desk or HR service delivery system?

            Yes, an HR help desk or HR service delivery system is designed to enable employees to find the information they need without delay, while HR can significantly reduce the time spent answering repetitive questions. HR teams can use their knowledge base here to share essential information with employees.

            Does Personio Conversations integrate with any communication apps which my organisation may be using?

            Yes, you can use Personio Conversations as an HR help desk system that integrates directly with your employees’ chosen messaging apps. This includes email, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Employees can ask questions or log requests from within these apps.

            Additionally, you can collate documents directly from Confluence, Notion, and Microsoft Teams to centralise your internal knowledge base directly within Personio Conversations for use with automated replies or for quick attachment to more detailed questions.

            How does Personio Conversations help me manage my work and employee requests?

            Personio Conversations is an HR help desk system that empowers HR teams to eliminate repetitive questions and requests with automation and knowledge-sharing. By centralising HR requests, HR teams can maximise productivity and employees can get fast, reliable support.

            How does Personio Conversations work?

            Our Knowledge Automation AI uses Natural Language Processing to analyze every request in real time. It weighs all possible responses alongside contextual information about the requestor like Location, Department, Seniority, or Internal vs External status, then surveys the existing knowledge base inside Personio Conversations to present the best possible solution. The requestor will have the option to accept the provided solution or request a new one. Positive feedback from employees is used to improve the suggestion for the future meaning the responses will continue to get smarter over time. If the assistant is unable to solve their request then the query will be sent to the HR team for triage through the Conversations interface. From here, the HR team will be able to continue communicating with the requestor through the channels they already use like Slack or Microsoft Teams.