Break the cycle of impactless HR work

The work of an HR professional isn’t only important during tough times. We want to help you break the cycle of mundane HR work, in order to focus on big-picture projects that help your business. Check out the video to the right for more.

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Closing the HR-to-CEO gap: how to build tomorrow’s workplace today

The last few years have seen a near-constant stream of problems to solve for HR. However, organisations have not enabled their HR teams to work proactively to prepare for future workplace challenges. 

The truth is that we are creating a vicious cycle in our organisations where HR’s value is still vastly underestimated.

Read the insights from our survey of 4,500 HR managers and 2,200 executives across Europe to learn:

  • Why constant HR reactivity is hurting businesses

  • Where HR teams and C-suite teams differ in their expectations of HR’s role

  • What HR and C-suite teams think is causing these issues

  • What both HR teams and executives can do to help solve them

  • What the next step is for HR teams

    HR Study 2023

    How to take HR from process to purpose

    Despite the constant crises, HR professionals are more than just firefighters. But with many laden down by manual admin, are we making the most of their expertise? To steer businesses towards long-term growth, we need to break the cycle of HR. Here’s how to do it. 

    Read our newest guide to learn:

    • Why we spend time on the wrong work

    • How administration impacts productivity

    • How to drive employee satisfaction

    • How to grow support from your C-suite

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      “To succeed in 2023 and beyond, HR teams will need to focus on top business priorities, and build plans around them. Every challenge is an opportunity to bring new life to your HR work.”

      - Ross Seychell, Chief People Officer, Personio

        Ross Seychell