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Diversity & Inclusion
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% of team leads are female

Embracing Uniqueness

Our core purpose at Personio is to enable better organizations. This includes removing barriers for other companies so that they can provide better people experiences for their own employees.

We’re better able to carry out that purpose when we embrace the uniqueness of every single member of our team, ensuring each Personio feels welcomed, included, and valued.


Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

But diversity, inclusion, and belonging matter from much more than just a business perspective – it matters from a people perspective. We have a #SocialResponsibility to create a space where everyone can bring their full, authentic selves to work, and we’re committed to building and improving on that culture every day.

What our employees say

  • Daniele Bozzi
    For me, diversity and inclusion are about fairness and equal opportunity for everyone, no matter your gender, background, or orientation. At Personio, if you follow our core values and operating principles in your daily work, your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded.
    Daniele Bozzi
    International Community Manager
  • Doriana_Mirabal
    Our leaders make an effort to remain open-minded and embrace the diversity of our teams as a strength. And for me diversity at Personio is just that – a force for innovation that makes us all better!
    Doriana Mirabal
    Jr. People Experience Manager
  • Jemma O'Halloran
    Personio is full of intersectional identities, each one helping us become a stronger, more diverse and welcoming team. We really lean into our core value of #Teamspirit, ensuring that every Personio feels like they’re part of the team. No matter who you are, where you come from, or your life experiences, Personio recognises and values each individual's unique perspective.
    Jemma O’Halloran
    Office Manager
  • Miha Bajza
    Working at Personio means I get to be my whole self at work. I feel that I have a safe and pleasant work environment that allows me to make an impact on the business whilst also promoting equality and human rights – two causes that are close to my heart.
    Miha Bajza
    Associate Customer Success Manager
  • Cassandra Hoermann
    D&I at Personio means that everyone can come to work as they are. We’re focused on creating a safe, welcoming environment where everyone can contribute, be heard, and feel a sense of belonging.
    Cassandra Hoermann
    Head of People Experience

Our Diversity Committee

Our employee-driven Diversity Committee focuses on making Personio a safe workplace across all offices by embracing our cultural, social and personal backgrounds – regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, condition, age, education, or religion.  #EmbracingUniqueness

Diversity at Personio

“At Personio, we want to make a positive impact on society and the environment, not just with our product but on a company-wide level.”

Hanno Renner, Co-Founder and CEO, Personio

Some of the ways you can
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Being a Personio means being part of something big. It means shaping the future of HR, the future of our company, and, at the very same time, the future of you. We’re hiring ambitious forward-thinkers who want to have a real impact – will you be one of them?

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