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  • Streamlines every process across the employee lifecycle

  • Eliminates admin and other low-value work

  • Optimised for EU-standard data security

  • Built for SMEs with personal customer service

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The all-in-one HR system

Personio streamlines every step of the employee journey from recruitment to offboarding, automating processes to empower your employees, drive productivity and free up your HR team’s time.

It acts as a single source of truth with comprehensive analytics, allowing you to optimise your programmes with data-driven decisions. And it can scale with your business, allowing you to build an HR strategy for now and the future.

    The all-in-one HR system

    Rapid implementation and expert coaching

    Changing HR system shouldn’t take long – Personio is ready to use within four to five weeks. Your personal contact will help you get set up for your needs and coach you until you’re an expert user, leading to lightning-fast adoption rates for our customers.

      Rapid Implementation

      Connects to 200+ of your favourite tools

      Personio connects to the apps your team already uses to create seamless processes. Use these smart integrations to book leave from messaging apps, grant secure software access to new hires, organise training and more.

        Personio Intergrations

        And there’s more...

        Built for the UK

        Personio is a proven solution in a complex and regulated market. It’s designed according to Europe’s high standards for data security, and we continually innovate with features relevant to UK customers.

        Tools to drive employee engagement

        People are the most important driver of your business. Personio has tools designed to keep your people engaged, motivated and happy, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.

        Best-in-industry customer service

        We have 300+ people ready to support you via phone and email. Our help centre also has more than 2000 articles and tutorials so you can get the answers you need when you need them.

        Fast implementation and expert coaching

        Customers rate our speedy implementation process highly. Your personal contact will help you get set up for your needs and coach you until you’re an expert in our intuitive system.

        A thriving community of HR experts

        Personio’s Voyager Community is a network of HR’s best minds where you can share knowledge with other professionals. Gain expertise to move you and your organisation ahead.

        Top-rated by customers and independent experts

        We regularly receive accolades on G2’s trusted software review platform, coming directly from our customers. Plus, we’re rated highly for Cloud HR by HR industry analyst Fosway.

        Top-rated by customers


        Kristin Brandt

        Kristin Brandt

        Senior HR Manager, Lush

        Lush Logo

        "Recruiting has definitely improved tremendously. Beforehand, we did recruiting very manually and often very ad hoc – nowadays, we can direct applicants to Personio and we can use that data and support shops with recruitment support."

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        "A unique solution in the saturated market of HR tools"

        I really appreciate how I can adjust Personio to fit our HR work. It lets me set up our processes just the way we need them, which helps me manage the team better. This type of adaptability is quite rare and it's why I think Personio is a special tool in a sea of HR solutions. (...)

        Narae H.

        Managing Director Recruiting

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        "Eliminate manual payroll and employee data processing with Personio"

        We are amazed by the various benefits of Personio and how it has revolutionised our HR processes. Its user-friendly interface allows us to perform tasks with a higher level of efficiency, creating an easier working environment for employees and management alike. (...)

        Shawn S.

        Sales Manager

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        “All your information in one place with Personio.”

        I like how Personio simplifies so many aspects of managing our team. The recruitment suite streamlines the entire hiring process, from posting jobs to automating forms and collecting applications with ease. I also appreciate having full access to all HR records and information for transparency across my team members. (...)

        Gabrielle V.

        Human Factors Professional

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