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How to Implement Personio

Our HR Operating System is a cloud-based software solution, meaning that you can use your Personio account instantly with our support.

During the implementation phase, you import your existing employee data and configure various access rights, among others. By mapping your processes in Personio, you quickly become a product expert yourself and easily make adjustments in the future.

  1. Official start of the collaboration
  2. Internal preparation on your side
  3. Kick-off with your Implementation Manager
  4. Joint setup of your Personio account
  5. Final check of your settings by Personio
  6. Invitation of your colleagues to Personio
  7. Support by the Customer Service Team

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Your Path to Become a Product Expert

Comprehensive Support
You will receive step-by-step training on how to become a Personio expert through guided product trainings, phone calls and emails.

Multimedia Support
In addition to the support from your Implementation Manager, you have access to a variety of resources such as such as our helpcenter, in-app tours, webinars and handbooks.

Customer Testimonials

Here's What Our Customers Say

  • Mirko Djurić
    Personio is all about the people - people building it, supporting it, and making sure our voice got heard each step along the way, from implementation to further usage. Time savings we are achieving across Talent and Ops teams are amazing.
    Mirko Djurić
    COO - InterVenture Sourcing AG
  • Melanie Gewehn Portrait - xBAV
    We were convinced by the wide-ranging functions, which relieve us enormously. The implementation is structured in such a way that the transition was easy.
    Melanie Gawehn
    HR Manager - xbAV AG
  • Johannes Westerhoff
    The configuration of Personio itself was quite simple.
    Johannes Westerhoff
    HR Manager - VISUS Health IT GmbH
  • Jenny Richter
    I remember the support as particularly positive. All contact persons during the implementation phase were very competent and always available, which built a lot of trust.
    Jenny Richter
    Transformation Manager - HolidayCheck Group AG

What You Can Expect


Depending on your company’s size and complexity, implementing Personio takes an average of four to eight weeks.

Your Resources

You will need to invest between 5 and 15 hours per week, depending on the quality of your existing data.

IT Support

You can set up the account completely by yourself, but may need support from your IT for certain functions (e.g. APIs).


Customize your Personio account and map your own processes – your Implementation Manager will support you.

Data Import

Prepare and import your existing employee data with the help of easy-to-use Excel templates.

Employee Access

Once your account is set up, introduce Personio to your colleagues and invite them afterwards.

Your Contact Persons

Katja Hähnlein - Personio

“I'll assist you in getting the most out of your Personio account. Based on my experience, it pays to bundle resources and focus fully on the implementation of Personio.”

Implementation Manager

Phillip Hartman - Personio

"You can save time and effort by starting to collect employee data prior to implementation. This leaves more time for configuring your account according to your needs."

Implementation Manager

Sandra Walther - Personio

“For a successful implementation it is important that roles and responsibilities within the company are established. If processes are already defined internally, we can set them up together in Personio!”

Key Account Manager

Teamfoto KAM

Key Account Management

You want holistic customer service and project management that enables an individual and sustainable account setup? Please get in touch to get to know more!

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