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Personio’s product and integration services

At some point in your time using Personio, your organisation will grow and have different needs. You may need to introduce  further integrations or support with changing your company structure.

During these transitions and new stages, you may require a dedicated specialist that will support you with either technical or non-technical aspects of your Personio account.

Our Customer Solution Specialists  act as your ideal partners to ensure your Personio account is always meeting your business needs at that time.

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    Product Integration Services


    This option offers three enablement sessions within a three-week period on the subject of your choice.

    Extended training

    This option offers six enablement sessions within a six-week period on the subject of your choice.

    Office hours

    With this option, we offer one individual session to discuss your questions and provide personalised recommendations and guidance.

      Applicant Tracking

      Account review

      We will review your account and provide recommendations based on our best practices so that you can use Personio in a way that best suits your needs.

      Account merge

      We will merge your existing accounts for you (including data migration) and conduct a final account check.

      Account split

      Whenever you need to copy your account configuration into an additional account, or split the information in your current account into two, we can support you and help you review the settings.

        Personio Account Setup

        Module and workflow setup

        We will guide you in setting up your new module or workflow, including system demonstrations. We will also share best practices, offer live support to answer all your questions and provide a final account check.

        Personio Conversations setup

        Based on your needs, we offer one or two personalized sessions to guide you through the setup of Personio Conversations within two weeks.

          Additional Configuration

          Available in English and German

          DATEV workflow setup

          We will configure your Personio account and enable the authorization and subsequent integration with the DATEV data center. We will support you to set up the DATEV (LODAS / Lohn & Gehalt) integration to make your payroll process more efficient.

            Datev Personio

            Technical solution hour

            In these sessions, we offer advice on how to add value to your work using integrations. We can also clarify any questions you may have about integrating a tool with Personio.

            Integration project

            With this option, we provide a thorough consultancy service to help you develop your own custom integration or use a combination of our apps to meet your needs.

            ETL services

            We offer a number of services related to extraction, transformation and import/export of data to and out of Personio. From documents to employee data and more.

              Technical Consulting

              Success plans

              Depending on your chosen Success Plan, you may qualify for discounted services that have been designed to help you get the best out of Personio.

              How to get in touch

              You can contact us through your Growth Manager or through the Find Answers section in your Personio account. You can access Find Answers via the sidebar menu under Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers.