HR Analytics Software

Reliable Statistics for Better Decisions

Companies that want to stay competitive need to make sound, data-driven decisions quickly. That’s why you need all your data in one place, without error. Personio can help.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Deep Insights for Better Planning

    Analyze personnel data and HR reports at a glance and drill down to glean meaningful insights. This allows you to make confident decisions when it comes to workforce planning and more.

      Employee Headcount Overview in HR Reporting Software

      Current Data, Customised Access Rights

      Personio’s HR analytics software allows access to all of your data, at the click of a button. Not only do you have what you need, but you get to decide which HR report is most relevant for recipients with individual access rights.

        Reports Overview in HR Reporting Software

        A Sound Basis for Strategic HR

        Your team can easily gain access to predefined HR reports for recurring questions, or craft your own reports in order to get the information your department needs. You’ll have all the data you need to truly drive growth.

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          Green Flow Transparent

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          Analytics & Reporting with Personio: Explained in 30 Seconds

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          HR Analytics Software with Personio

          Personio delivers an HR analytics software that covers each and every process. As your processes become more and more digitised, Personio’s HR software delivers more efficient workflows while automatically collecting all of your key indicators and datasets. You’ll have all the HR reports, people analytics, or workforce analytics you need to succeed.
          What Is An HR Analytics Software?