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Better Decisions

Companies need to make sound decisions quickly, if they want to stay competitive but they can only do that if all of the data is in one place.
Analytics and Reporting
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Deep Insights for
Better Planning

Analyze personnel data at a glance and drill down into the details whenever you need to. This allows you to make sound decisions for efficient applicant and personnel processes, and workforce planning.

Current Data, Customized Access Rights

How good would it be if you could translate all HR processes into data ready for analysis? Personio allows you to access the required personnel indicators at the click of a button so you can make sound, data-based decisions. You decide which report is relevant for which recipients by granting individual access rights.
Reports Overview in HR Reporting Software
Reports and Analytics Glass Salary Progression Report

A Sound Basis for

HR departments store a great deal of important information capable of driving – or hampering – company growth. Use predefined reports for recurring questions (e.g. absence days), or create your own reports (e.g. on salary progressions) in order to get the information you need.

Analytics & Reporting with Personio: Explained in 30 Seconds

HR Reporting & Analytics
with Personio

From managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting, Personio supports you in all your HR processes. Try it today with a free trial account, or book your very own 30-minute Demo to learn more about optimizing your processes through more efficient software.

HR Analytics Software with Personio

From job advertisements, applicant management, and onboarding through to personnel management, payroll accounting, performance analyses, personnel development, and offboarding – Personio delivers an HR analytics software solution that covers every process. As recruitment and personnel management processes are digitalized, the Personio HR application not only delivers more efficient workflows but collects all the main indicators for your HR automatically. This analysis of relevant indicators is also referred to as HR analytics, people analytics, or workforce analytics.

Effizientes Recruiting basiert auf Personalkennzahlen

A user-friendly management dashboard via HR analytics software allows you to filter and sort data in keeping with your needs and to evaluate the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your choice flexibly. This in turn establishes a sound basis for decisions to be taken at the executive and HR levels. Personio displays core indicators graphically in clear charts and tables to provide you with an overview of how your HR processes develop at a glance.

HR Analytics Software for More Efficient Recruitment

One of the areas that benefit immensely from well-structured HR controlling is recruitment. The data automatically collected by Personio tells you at a glance how many employees need to be employed, which contracts are about to expire and which recruitment processes are current.

This data allows you to draw conclusions regarding the user-friendliness of your careers portal, the precision and attractiveness of your job advertisements, and the degree to which your chosen channels generate adequate reach to attract suitably qualified applicants. The central management of personnel processes within Personio enables you to respond quickly and easily to any need for optimization or to set yourself new, ambitious goals.

Efficient Onboarding and Personnel Development for Value Creation

The benefits of HR analytics with an HR reporting software extend well beyond recruitment: If you know the time to hire that elapses between the receipt of an application and the applicant’s acceptance of a job offer, you are able to design the recruitment process to make it a positive experience for the candidate and thus create an optimal basis for successful onboarding.

The systematic collection of indicators and qualitative observations puts you in a better position to assess the effectiveness of specific personnel development measures and to deploy resources more efficiently. Reporting functions ensure that even data collected on everyday events such as absences is fed into your software-based HR controlling as important base data. In short: Personio ensures that HR analytics can be applied to all levels of your personnel processes.