Personio Posting Bundles

More Top Talent, Up to 45% Less Cost

With Personio Posting Bundles, your positions are promoted on the most relevant job boards in only one click – and at an exclusive price just for you, too!

    Personio Posting Bundles

    Flexibly Respond to Changes

    Are your recruiting plans in flux? Simply choose between a quarterly or annual booking period and add new job boards at any time. Unused ads can be carried over seamlessly into the next period.

      Personio Posting Bundles Packaging

      Targeted Job Boards for Top Candidates

      Gain access to a wide range of job boards, pick the most suitable for your needs, and quickly reach the right applicants you need for your roles.

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        Everything You Need, At Every Step

        Simplify the entire recruiting process, for all involved, with a seamless flow: From creating descriptions to posting them and, ultimately, hiring.

          Automated Processes with Personio Posting Bundles
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