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Support Sustainability while Attracting
Top Talent

Actively contribute to a greener future by becoming a climate-neutral employer with Personio and Planetly. Set the right tone and send the right message, while convincing top talent at the same time!
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Making the Case
for Top Talent

56% of all employees care whether their (future) employer is acting in a sustainable way (Statista 2020). As a climate-neutral organization, you gain a real advantage in competing for the best prospective employees.

Become a Climate-Neutral
Employer in Just a Few Steps

CO2 management has never been so easy! Personio asks your employees for important core data, such as their preferred means of transport to work, and automatically transfers this data to Planetly. From there, you can calculate your emissions, reduce them, and offset them via sustainability projects.

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Personio Green Badge

that Pays Off

Show that you are committed to sustainability with Personio’s Green Employer badge and a certificate from Planetly. After signing a contract with Planetly and successfully offsetting your CO2, Personio will help support your commitment with a 5% credit on your annual Personio payment. Additionally, Planetly will waive the onboarding and consulting fee for Personio Green customers.

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