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Support Sustainability While Attracting Top Talent

Actively contribute to a greener future by pushing your net-zero agenda with Personio and our partners. Set the right tone and send the right message, while convincing top talent at the same time!

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    Our Partners


    Apiday is an ESG (environmental, social, governance) data management and performance platform for scale-ups, SMEs and enterprises. The Apiday platform delivers carbon accounting, AI-led ESG data gathering tools (including for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions calculations), ESG scores and improvement action lists unique to different businesses alongside powerful visualisations for branded reporting. The software enables automatic answers to ESG certifications (EcoVadis, B Corp), responding to investor or client ESG requests as well as compliance with regulatory obligations such as EU Taxonomy and CSRD.

    Plan A

    is a software provider for corporate carbon accounting, decarbonisation, and ESG reporting. The SaaS platform empowers businesses to reach their net-zero carbon emissions goals. Combining cutting-edge technology with the latest scientific standards and methodologies, Plan A automates CO2 emissions calculation, carbon reduction planning, and ESG reporting in an end-to-end, compliant, and certified platform. Plan A is B Corp-certified and demonstrably adheres to strict social and environmental standards.

    Making the Case for Top Talent

    Some 56% of all employees care whether their (future) employer is acting in a sustainable way (Statista 2020). Gain a real advantage in competing for the best prospective employees, through decarbonisation

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      The Steps to Reach Net-Zero

      Step 1: Together with our partners, your organisation calculates, monitors and reduces its emissions.

      Step 2: After taking the steps in your decarbonisation journey, you receive a certificate or report from our partners and a ‘Green employer’ badge from Personio, which we furthermore highlight on your career page.

      Step 3: We love to support organisations going through their transformational journey. As soon as you have received your certificate, we reward you with a 5% credit on your Personio package

      Sustainability That Pays Off

      Show that you are committed to sustainability with Personio’s Green Employer badge and a certificate or a report from our partners. After signing a contract with our partners and successfully embarking on your decarbonisation journey, Personio will help support your commitment with a 5% credit on your annual Personio payment.

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        "At Personio, we take action to have a positive influence on society as well as the environment, not only with our product but on a company-wide level."

        Hanno Renner, Co-founder and CEO at Personio

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          Why Is It Important?

          What have Lubomila, Co-Founder & CEO Plan A and Edouard, Co-founder & CEO Apiday got to say about it?

          "Plan A has enabled hundreds of businesses across the globe to promote a sustainable mindset in their company, while quantifying their sustainability and decarbonisation efforts. Through our partnership with Personio we aim to enable businesses within their ecosystem to transition to a sustainable model, while making sustainability a case for business success."

          Lubomila Jordanova

          Lubomila Jordanova

          Co-Founder & CEO, Plan A

          "We are moving towards a world where clients, employees, investors and regulators integrate sustainability in their decision making processes. This means that non-financial performance (sustainability & ESG risks) is now a licence to operate. We built Apiday to help businesses identify their material sustainability topics, easily collect and assess their sustainability data - including GHG emissions, and improve their sustainability and ESG performance. We are therefore excited to partner with Personio and their clients to strengthen companies' sustainability/ESG performance and build more resilient businesses."

          Edouard Audi

          Edouard Audi

          Co-founder & CEO, Apiday


          Which criteria do customers need to meet to be able to book Personio Green?

          To be able to book Personio Green, customers must be on a Personio Professional or Enterprise plan. They must also be on an annual subscription to receive the 5% credit on the annual Personio package. Please note that customers will need to be comfortable with German or English language as no other languages are currently supported.

          How long does it take to get certified by our partners?

          How long it takes to get certified by our partners depends on the company and the industry. However, it generally takes about 3-4 months from the start of the process.

          What costs should customers expect?

          For the certification through our partners, license costs for the software, consulting costs for the CO2 reduction and costs for the compensation of the remaining CO2 emissions will be incurred. This price varies depending on the company and industry. The subsequent activation of Personio Green is free of charge for you and is rewarded with a 5% credit (If the certification was initiated via Personio Green).

          When and how do we receive the credit?

          Customers receive the 5% credit on their annual Personio package immediately after successful offsetting. The credit is recurring for each year in which they have successfully compensated.