Personio Green

Support Sustainability while Attracting Top Talent

Actively contribute to a greener future by becoming a carbon-neutral employer with Personio and OneTrust. Set the right tone and send the right message, while convincing top talent at the same time!

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    Making the Case for Top Talent

    56% of all employees care whether their (future) employer is acting in a sustainable way (Statista 2020). As a carbon-neutral organization, you gain a real advantage in competing for the best prospective employees.

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      The Steps to Become a Carbon-Neutral Employer

      Step 1: Together with OneTrust, your organization calculates, reduces and offsets its emissions via sustainability projects.

      Step 2: Personio asks your employees for important core data about their climate footprint and automatically transfers this data to OneTrust. There is no need to send out a separate survey, which saves you time and effort.

      Step 3: After successfully offsetting your CO2, you receive a certificate from OneTrust and a “Green employer” badge from Personio, which we furthermore highlight on your career page.

      Step 4: We love to support carbon-neutral organizations 💚 As soon as you have received your OneTrust certificate, we reward you with a 5% credit on your Personio package.

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        Sustainability that Pays Off

        Show that you are committed to sustainability with Personio’s Green Employer badge and a certificate from OneTrust. After signing a contract with OneTrust and successfully offsetting your CO2, Personio will help support your commitment with a 5% credit on your annual Personio payment. Additionally, OneTrust will waive the onboarding and consulting fee for Personio Green customers.

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          Why is it important?

          What have Anna, CCO of Planetly, and Hanno, CEO of Personio got to say about it?

          "People hold the power to climate action. If people bring that power into their companies collectively, they can create real impact. Therefore, I am very excited to partner with Personio and connect with employers to drive climate action internally and create more sustainable businesses together with their employees. "

          Anna Alex

          Anna Alex

          Planetly (OneTrust)

          "“Social responsibility is a central part of our company culture. With Personio Green, we want to support our customers in taking action on climate protection too. In OneTrust, we have found a partner sharing the same beliefs and values to shape a climate-neutral economy.” "

          Hanno Renner

          Hanno Renner



          Which criteria do Customers need to meet to be able to book Personio Green?

          To be able to book Personio Green, Customers must be on a Personio Professional or Enterprise plan. They must also be on an annual subscription to receive the 5% credit on the annual Personio package. Please note that Customers will need to be comfortable with German or English language in the OneTrust product as no other languages are currently supported.

          How long does it take to get certified by OneTrust?

          How long it takes to get certified by OneTrust depends on the company and the industry. However, it generally takes about 3-4 months from the start of the process.

          What costs should customers expect?

          For the certification through OneTrust, license costs for the OneTrust software, consulting costs for the CO2 reduction and costs for the compensation of the remaining CO2 emissions will be incurred. This price varies depending on the company and industry. However, Personio Green integration eliminates the initial consulting fee and the subsequent activation of Personio Green is free of charge for you and is rewarded with a 5% credit (If the certification was initiated via Personio Green).

          When and how do we receive the credit?

          Customers receive the 5% credit on their annual Personio package immediately after successful offsetting. The credit is recurring for each year in which they have successfully compensated.