In order to benefit from our Nonprofit pricing for entering into a fee-based contract for the use of our software, your organisation must be recognised as a non-profit, charitable or benevolent organisation in the country in which it is based. You must provide Personio with appropriate legal proof of this without a separate request (e.g. for Germany, tax exemption from the tax office for corporations is such appropriate proof). 

If there is no official register for such organisations in the country concerned, at least one of the following legally valid documents must show that your organisation fulfils the stated purposes:

  • Articles of association of the organisation

  • Certificate of incorporation of the organisation

  • Comparable legal documents with a business report stating the objectives and main purpose as a non-profit, charitable or benevolent organisation.

Excluded from participation are organisations which, irrespective of their non-profit, charitable or benevolent status, meet the following criteria:

  • Discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation or belief, sexual orientation or gender or chosen identity.

  • Health care organisations (e.g. hospitals, health insurance companies) 

  • Business promotion organisations (e.g. chambers of commerce)

  • Professional and trade associations (e.g. bar associations or medical associations)

  • State/public institutions/public enterprises (e.g. local public transport)

  • Political or fraternal or labour organisations (e.g. political parties, trade unions)

  • Financial institutions (e.g. banks, insurance companies) 

  • Schools and universities 

  • Professional and semi-professional sports organisations (e.g. federations)

  • Religious organisations and church congregations  

Also excluded are all organisations recognised in a country which, according to the EU, is subject to a current embargo or has been subject to an embargo in the last twelve (12) months.

Any Nonprofit pricing granted on the basis of appropriate legal documents shall be valid for the first twelve (12) months of the contract. After each twelve (12) month period, the documentation must be resubmitted to continue to receive the then applicable Nonprofit pricing. Nonprofit pricing cannot be granted retroactively. Personio reserves the right to discontinue, amend or modify the Nonprofit pricing at any time. If Personio discontinues the Nonprofit pricing it will be granted for the periods for which the Customer has already made payments. The Customer shall have no rights other than those set out in Personio’s Terms and Conditions. In particular, the termination of the Nonprofit pricing is not a price adjustment in the sense of clause 12.4 GTC. There is no entitlement to participate in the Nonprofit pricing if the above requirements are fulfilled and Personio reserves the right to deny such participation – taking into consideration the specific circumstances on a case to case basis.