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About the company: The City of Worms Beteiligungs-GmbH is a company of the City of Worms Group and the holding company of 10 subsidiaries and several sub-subsidiaries.

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Lisa Köhler
Lisa Köhler

Management Assistant

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The Challenge

Lisa Köhler is the assistant to the management of the City of Worms Beteiligungs-GmbH and responsible for her company’s HR management. “Of course, digitalisation and dealing with processes that have been in use for a long time in the most agile way possible is a real challenge. But it was a challenge we were happy to accept, even though we’re not your typical local government body.”

The HR management of Beteiligungs-GmbH not only looks after the company’s own employees but also regularly advises two subsidiaries on cross-company issues, e.g., on collective bargaining agreements. This creates a special challenge for HR, which has a kind of dual role at different organisational levels. “We advise and support our employees but of course also our management,” explains Lisa.

Digitalisation is a key challenge, especially in the public sector.

Since the company was founded in 2004, its HR department has primarily worked using analog processes, with everything being done on paper. Then in 2017, a digital time tracking tool and cloud-based digital employee file were introduced. “While that constituted our first steps toward digitalisation, those tools were separate from each other,” Lisa recalls.

“We needed a new, central solution to effectively relieve us of repetitive, administrative HR tasks, especially through automated workflows. Vacation requests, for example, were a standard process that was as mundane as it was tremendously time-consuming. Without a workflow, it’s a nightmare because every single process step needs to be triggered by people at a certain point in time. And people make mistakes."

She adds that one element in particular was impossible to track: "There was always one central piece of information missing for managers and HR, namely which employees would be on vacation at the same time.”

  • Multiple digital tools with isolated data

  • No automated processes

  • Multifunctional demands on HR

hour less administrative work per week
click to finished documents with templates
HR managers

As a provider with headquarters in Germany that has extremely high data protection standards, Personio meets all of those requirements.

The Decision

“So we had one main element that drove our selection and decision-making process in 2020: We really wanted an HR tool that could map everything.” Further requirements were a provider with a headquarters in Germany, a high data protection standard and web-based software.

However, financial issues also played a central role in the decision-making process, given the tendering policy of Beteiligungs-GmbH.“We then found exactly the solution we were looking for in Personio,” Lisa sums up. HR management communicated the decision for a holistic HR tool early on via meetings and broadcast emails, in which the benefits for HR and employees were highlighted.

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A Successful Implementation

The implementation process was successfully completed in just two months. The system has been operating since September 2020. Since Personio is a web-based software, no IT resources were needed for the implementation.

Both the setup and the product training in small groups could be completed by the two HR managers. Even though the implementation schedule was “ambitious,” as Lisa says, there were regular and constructive exchanges with the Personio implementation manager.

The Result

Since the introduction of Personio, the daily work routine in HR has changed fundamentally. The positives: “The main difference compared to before? That’s simple. I only need to open a single tool in the morning and have all of the essential data at my fingertips. In our stressful daily HR routine, it’s a huge relief not to have to constantly jump back and forth between applications,” says Lisa.

Working with Personio is a huge relief for me. Now I can concentrate more on being there for our employees again.

“Thanks to Personio, I gain about an hour of working time every week from processes such as vacation requests, working hours, and document management alone. Document preparation is now much simpler. Instead of completing five steps, these days I only need one click of my mouse.”

Lisa is putting the time she has gained into optimising HR management: “We can devote ourselves much more to the needs of our employees. For example, we recently organised an employee event for our staff. But we’re also expanding template management: probation periods, pay scale upgrades, etc. For all these processes there are standardised templates that Personio automatically personalises for me. Manual, error-prone updates are now a thing of the past.”

Lisa particularly enjoys working efficiently with document templates. “I’m a real fan because the manual work is replaced by automated processes, and I see the success directly.” Lisa continues to rate the possibilities of individualisation through her own attributes as particularly positive.

For example, she was able to define the pay scale groupings for employees in the digital employee file. The positive experiences of Stadt Worms Beteiligungs-GmbH with Personio have meanwhile made the rounds in the human resources departments of the group. As a result, two other subsidiaries are planning to implement Personio, and a third company is already in the process of launching the tool.

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