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About the company: A truly people-focused organisation, TNP (a Node4 company) are Microsoft technology gurus who have enabled over 650 SMEs to optimise their business processes and improve productivity. Their product passion and expertise, combined with stand-out customer services make them Microsoft’s top UK partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV.

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Emma Johnson

Head of People

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Michelle Myers

People Business Partner

The problem: keeping up with success 

TNP had been enjoying rapid success, and growth and the unfortunate flipside of that was a snowballing burden of HR admin. The People Team found themselves constantly fighting fires and last-minute requests. Existing manual HR processes, alongside a few ad-hoc tools, were no longer fit for purpose, and there was no structure or single source of data to help them. Simply put, things needed to change. 

In 2022, when Emma Johnson joined as the organisation’s newly created Head of People, she recognised it would be an exciting yet challenging time. To hear her tell it: “Growing from 200 to 350 people in a year is an experience! Growing so fast as a small business, you end up playing catch-up. The data was all over the business; there was no HR system in place, and it was a real challenge to find and use accurate information. The daily volume and variety of HR-related questions from employees was unsustainable using manual processes.” 

The data was all over the business, there was no HR system in place, and it was a real challenge to know where and what the true information was. - Emma Johnson, Head of People at TNP

A new foundation to support business growth

“We really value our people as they are our main asset – if they’re not happy, then we don’t have a business. Everyone works super hard, but it’s a genuinely people-focused community,” Emma explains.

“We needed to create consistency and get all the right processes in place. We wanted a holistic HR platform to help us build a foundation that would also support TNP’s continued growth.” To meet that challenge head on, TNP’s leadership team chose Personio.

  • Disparate and inaccessible data

  • Too much HR firefighting

  • Manual and inconsistent processes

Emma’s colleague, People Business Partner Michelle Myers, had the specific mandate to oversee and support the implementation. Preliminary payroll was top of the to-do list, and Personio was right at the centre of the transformation.

This included a new communication cadence between the Payroll and People teams, alongside the creation of consistent salary review processes. Included in that is comprehensive payroll reporting for the UK and all of TNP’s European subsidiary companies, “Most importantly,” says Michelle, “all the information is accessible and transparent in Personio.”

> 650
> 650
> 57%
> 57%
people growth over 12 months
+ 8
+ 8
error-free months for payroll

Important processes that just weren’t in place before and have saved us so much time.

Implementation process

TNP implemented Personio meticulously and built processes that helped guide the growth of the organisation. The initial focus was payroll, followed by a successful Valentine’s Day launch of Personio to the entire business. Working closely with the Personio team, TNP slowly rolled out functionalities including absence management, employee personal data, probation, and right-to-work processes. “Important processes that just weren’t in place before and have saved us so much time,” explains Emma.

Michelle oversaw the implementation and was quick to highlight the support of the team: “They were so flexible. They accommodated changes in direction yet still managed to keep us aligned to the overall plan.” In addition, she continues to value Personio’s scalability, usability, and flexibility, “As our instance matures, we can implement changes pretty instantly as Personio is so easy to use and build out. We really value Personio’s commitment to product evolution and improvement into the future.”

The result: from firefighting to fresh air

Employees at all levels of TNP mention the benefit of self-service access to information and single sign-on (SSO). “Our people can see their information, who's who, where they are based, who they need to speak with etc,” details Emma.

“We’ve set up certain attributes so information views are role-defined with data on a need-to-see basis. It’s brought consistency and transparency, and it’s made the organisation more human.” Personio is now a critical partner, providing easy access to data and eliminating repetitive HR requests: “Personio’s self-serve and update functionality has been a breath of fresh air for us and our people.”

For payroll, the impact and benefits have been significant. In Michelle’s own words: “Across accuracy, time taken, and complexity management related to our sub-companies in other European countries, Personio rose to the challenge.” The team is celebrating their 8th error-free month. The payroll questions and queries that took up so much time are now rare, and employees can self-serve on most other payroll-related queries.

“When I joined, we were always upbeat but totally over-burdened.” Now, with many of the requests to HR eliminated thanks to Personio employee self-serve, “we have the headspace, time and tools to respond to people on a daily basis rather than maybe after five days. Our reputation has improved immeasurably.” Emma also has HR reporting set up just the way she likes it. “This was such an onerous manual task, and now it’s just a click.”

Personio has the processes and data covered so the team can truly focus on people. Emma goes on to say: “We’re proactive - we can be a genuine partner and trusted advisor to the business, helping achieve TNP’s goals.”

Customer success management

Working with their Personio Customer Success Manager, Waleed has been crucial in the development and success of using Personio, “Our Customer Success Manager is so experienced and easy to collaborate with. He’s on hand to answer all my many and varied questions and think about queries and ideas.”

At TNP some features are firm favourites

Absence Management: The People Team role has shifted from data collection to proactive value add. “We can spot patterns – for example, if a team member is off with stress, we know about it and can be proactive to focus on the wellbeing of our people.” The mobile absence logging app has been widely adopted, and employees can quickly and easily log absence. “Employees can stay away from office systems and just get on with getting better.” 

Electronic Signature: Document creation and signing have been streamlined for managers and employees. They can easily navigate the process themselves, with everything already set up in Personio. The team used to spend too much time creating each and every salary or job title change letter; instead, using Personio Templates, it’s a click of a button and off it goes. “It’s removed more HR admin burden from the People Team. It just saves so much time.”

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