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Industry: beverages industry

About the company: fritz kola was founded by two students in 2003 who wanted to make better cola than the market leader – among other things in terms of sustainability and with lots and lots of caffeine. Today, the Hamburg-based company has more than 250 employees in six European countries.

René Hantel, Fritz Cola

René Hantel
HR Generalist & Payroll Specialist


The challenge

The company fritz-kulturgüter is unique, and it loves superlatives: “lots and lots” of caffeine, for example. Or, “lots and lots” of growth – fritz grows 20 to 30 percent each year. When it comes to HR, this has caused some issues – and been responsible for “lots and lots” of administrative work for the employees. Besides the HR Management of their headquarter in Hamburg, the HR Team also had to deal with the expansion into international markets without a personnel database. This resulted in more work and longer hours for HR officer René Hantel and his colleagues: “Eventually we reached the point where we just couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Our company’s growth resulted in a lot of extra administrative work for the HR department, which eventually became unmanageable.

Having lots of different Excel spreadsheets also made speedy reporting difficult. “In addition to the time our own work took, there were also some long waiting periods:  To track transaction data, for example, we always had to go via our external payroll service provider,” says René.

More administrative work due to strong growth

Time-consuming reporting

No central database

working day required to receive a signed contract

percent growth per year

onboardings each month

Above all, we saw Personio’s potential and future prospects.”

The decision

“We defined our HR software requirements and ended up comparing four shortlisted suppliers,” René explains. GDPR-compliant data protection was important to the HR Team, as was top-quality on- and offboarding, which needed to be both digital and transparent.

As fritz does business in six European countries, how multilingual the different software options were was also a factor. Customizable access rights – for managers, for example – and sophisticated employee self-service options were also required. To put this into context: “Seventy percent of our employees work externally, and for them, the software needs to be as quick and easy to use as possible.”

“Personio offered more than just good value for money”, says René. The HR Team wanted software with a clear ethos. “We liked Personio’s culture, spirit and, above all, its potential and future prospects.”

Multilingual tools

Digital on- and offboarding

Employee self-service

Customizable rights management

GDPR compliant data protection


The result

René and his HR colleagues can now concentrate fully on fritz’s growth. “For example, we use Personio’s templates for contracts and other HR documents and sign them using electronic signatures. On average, it only takes one working day for us to receive a signed employment contract back from a candidate,” says René.

On- and offboarding is now faster, more efficient and of higher quality, and administrative work is also easier for the fritz team. “Personio is now our basic system for all personal data. This allows us to do less manual data management, reducing potential errors.”

Personio saves us time that we can then invest into recruiting and process optimization.

René also saves time on reporting. He can now quickly deal with spontaneous requests from other departments. Customizable filters mean that illness statistics and the like can be created and saved with just a single click. The team uses the time this has freed up mainly for recruiting, process design and process optimization.

Efficient candidate management

Faster and higher quality on- and offboarding

Less manual administrative work

Simple and customizable reporting

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

A good, transparent process covering everything from recruiting right through the whole employee life cycle – that is what René particularly appreciates about Personio. He is also a fan of the Personio community: “I use it to get inspiration and solve problems.”

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