Employee Self Service

Saving Time with
Seamless HR Processes

Employee self-service allows employees to view and update their absences, personnel data and working hours. In this way you ensure transparency, reduce administrative effort and maintain an overview through smart rights management.
All-in-One HR-Software
Vacation Request with Employee Self Service on Mobile Device

Reduce Administrative
Back and Forth

Requesting leave, recording working hours and updating master data – everyone saves a lot of time if employees perform these tasks themselves. Managers approve updates with just a few clicks in the system, and HR can take care of higher-level tasks.

Full Transparency
for Your Employees

Whether payslips, references or remaining leave entitlements –
employees always have the data they need at their fingertips. HR assigns
access rights to individual employees or departments and defines who is
allowed to upload documents, view or edit which data.
Profile Data Change with Employee Self Service
Employee Self Service Laptop App Time Tracking

Create Space
for Important Tasks

You find you don't have the time to work on strategic projects like personnel planning? By having employees perform tasks such as reporting sick online, you minimize administrative effort within HR and create space for tasks that directly contribute to the company's success.

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Employee Self Service Software:
How Do You Make It Stick?

Employee self service can have a transformational effect on your organization, both for employee experience and for your HR team’s time, in general. How does it work, though, and how do you ensure self service is successful? Here’s our guide to some of the most frequently asked questions about self service HR software…

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding employee self service and implementing a self service HR software today…

What Does Employee Self Service Mean?

Employee self service is the process by which employees can make changes to their HR-relevant data, at the click of a button, often within an HR software. It is essentially a way for employees to become part of the process, by submitting their own information without creating an extra step in the process for the HR department.

Why Is It Important?

Having an HRIS that is compatible with employee self service is important insofar as it allows employees to ensure that their data is always as up-to-date as possible. Offering it in an easy, streamlined fashion is an easy way for employees to make sure that their data is both safe and 100% accurate, at all times.

What Can Employees Update?

Employees can effectively update anything that is relevant to their employment or to any necessary HR processes. If they get married, they can change their name, they can upload relevant documents or identifications (like a driver’s license), or they can ensure that their emergency contacts or address are up to date the moment things change.

What Is Self Service Software?

A ‘self service software’ is more of a feature of an overall HR software, rather than a software in and of itself. It is your software’s ability to offer self service features, which allow employees to make simple updates without needing approval (or a very basic approval), while keeping all of your other data secure (which can be done through access rights control).

How Do You Introduce This Process?

You do it by implementing a software that is easy to understand and use. When you have an effective HR software, like Personio, in place, employees should be able to pick it up and use it, at their own discretion and on terms that make sense to their role.

This often will involve some sort of orientation, but the software itself can make the process easier. In Personio, you can easily assign access rights, as well as tasks, that also send notifications to relevant users so nothing is ever left incomplete.

What Can Self Service Enable Staff To Do?

We need to think of it in two unique ways. First, self service software allows HR to focus on more strategic matters, rather than administrative ones, so that they can craft initiatives that can make real change in an organization (while keeping people first).

On the other hand, it also makes the lives of employees easier, too. Rather than jumping through hoops to make a simple update, all they have to do is log in, make a change, and submit it for approval. It all becomes easier because the flow of information is sound.

Can Employee Self Service Reduce Errors?

Of course it can, because you limit the typical errors that can occur with double entry. At the same time, there can also be a review and approval process to ensure that nothing is missed. There is no doubt that employee self service can help reduce entirely-preventable errors.

How Does Employee Self Service Benefit HR?

Personio can help HR teams focus on what matters most: people. Rather than dealing with a mountain of administrative tasks and minuscule changes, employee self service opens the door for HR to spend more time on more important matters.

At the same time, it also empowers staff to control their own information. There is more control, more transparency, and generally more efficiency as a result. It’s the best of both worlds!