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Industry: E-Commerce

About the company: ABOUT YOU digitises your classic trip to the shops by crafting a personalised shopping experience via smartphone. Using the ABOUT YOU app and website, customers can find inspiration with a range of over 600,000 items from across 3,800 brands. Part of their mission is to support customers in expressing themselves individually through fashion.

About You & Personio Conversations
Marcel Ziebold
Marcel Ziebold

Team Lead HR Analytics & Systems

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The starting point 

Founded in 2014 and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since September 2021, ABOUT YOU is represented in every major market across the European continent and offers global shipping options to a total of around 100 countries. Through SCAYLE, ABOUT YOU also offers its own e-commerce technology as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product to enable brands and retailers to expand their international direct-to-consumer (D2C) business.

Employee experience has always figured prominently for ABOUT YOU’s HR team. They have always sought to digitise and automate as many processes as possible so they could maintain a strategic standing in the business. In their search for a centralised HR solution, ABOUT YOU chose Personio. Together, they have brought together fragmented and cross-team processes into one smooth solution. 

A lofty goal of employee experience 

Companies just like ABOUT YOU are always looking for new ways to improve their processes better and boost productivity. In 2022, ABOUT YOU was one of the very first customers to introduce Personio Conversations. Using our new HR help desk, one of their main goals was improving employee experience for both their HR team and every single employee. 

"Previously, employees sent their requests to their respective contact persons via various channels such as Teams, Slack, or by mail. However, this led to a lack of transparency regarding the processing status of the requests, especially when a contact person was on vacation," explains Marcel Ziebold, Team Lead for HR Analytics & Systems. 

"For us, it was clear that we wanted to set up a central spot where all requests were bundled, and we could distribute and track them accordingly. This would make it easier for our employees, and at the same time, create more transparency," says Marcel.

Personio Conversations makes it easy for our employees to make a request to HR, while our People teams have increased their efficiency tremendously.

The solution: Personio Conversations

The beauty of Personio Conversations is that it bundles all requests centrally. ABOUT YOU’s HR team can then maintain an overview by updating request statuses and assigning them out to specific employees and projects. 

From there, respective HR employees find the requests relevant to them, process them, and can get support or approval from colleagues. Information about the requester themselves is provided from their Personio account, making it easy to craft personalised responses. Employees receive those responses from the central Personio Conversations dashboard, all from the exact channel where they made the request (whether via Slack, MS Teams, or email). 

  • One central platform to streamline HR support, including IT and legal

  • Increased productivity and efficiency for both HR and employees

  • Faster response times and easy handling over familiar channels

Turning back to Marcel: "We initially wanted to set up a Jira board for employee inquiries. But when our Customer Success Manager introduced us to Personio Conversations, the decision was clear. Not only is the integrated feature easier for employees, it's also the more efficient and sustainable solution.”

Erika Werle, People Operations Manager at ABOUT YOU, helped manage the implementation of Personio Conversations: "It went smoothly and quickly. Together with our Customer Success Manager, we set up our teams, categories, and forms, and two months after the first meeting, we were already live." Taking those wide variety of inquiries on a host of topics, is game-changing for the HR team at ABOUT YOU. "We also use Personio Conversations for internal HR tickets, such as when we request employer certification from Team Payroll as Team People Operations," says Erika. 

It's readily apparent that Personio Conversations has improved communication with employees, but it also helped the communication between the four separate HR teams currently leveraging Personio Conversations. Erika puts it nicely: "We sped up processes, became more flexible, and gained more transparency." 

Marcel is also very happy with their new help desk solution: "Personio Conversations makes it easy for our employees to make a request to HR, while our People teams have increased their efficiency tremendously." Erika adds, "We are excited to further automate our HR with AI-Powered Answers. Soon, employees can have answers suggested to them based on their requests in an automated way, which may even solve questions immediately.”

Customer Success Story: About You & Personio Conversations

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