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About the company: Kiron is a not-for-profit organization that has offered refugees all over the world free access to digital learning opportunities since 2015. Sixty-five employees in Germany, Jordan and Lebanon provide students with support for their academic, professional and personal development.

Rohit Kakar, Kiron

Rohit Kakar
Head of HR

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The Challenge

A world where everybody has the same opportunities get a college education – that’s the vision pursued by the edtech company Kiron. This online platform, which is a registered NGO, has offered free learning opportunities for disadvantaged people, including refugees, since 2015. However, Kiron needed to enlarge its team first so it would be able to make broad-based education available.

“We hired a lot of new people in late 2016,” says Rohit Kakar, Head of HR. “But our communication with applicants was essentially via email only. There was little transparency and insufficient oversight – neither at our Berlin headquarters nor at our offices in Jordan and Lebanon.” Plus, Rohit is a dedicated numbers man, and he really wanted to be able to analyze key recruiting and employee indicators.

Lack of clear recruiting structures

Lack of analytical capabilities

International offices in Jordan/Lebanon

international offices

percent time savings for HR Admin

minutes time savings per report

We didn’t need to buy separate HR tools for our offices in Jordan and Lebanon, because we could adapt Personio flexibly.

The Decision

HR software was to both provide a central hub for all HR activities within Kiron and support the evaluation of key HR indicators. However, for Kiron, being a young organization with flat hierarchies, a complex solution was not an option. The solution had to be intuitive, flexible and quick to deploy. Personio was the tool of their choice.

“We initially assumed that we would need to find separate HR tools for Jordan and Lebanon,” explains Rohit. After all, there are many differences between the headquarters and international offices, such as public holidays, currencies and residual leave regulations. “But it was no problem to implement these adjustments in Personio,” adds the Head of HR.

Rapid, easy deployment

A single tool for all HR processes

Flexibility and adaptability

Kiron colleagues, Berlin

Personio works in the background, and we can focus on our students.

The Result

“Our recruitment has become much more efficient with Personio, and our communications with applicants have particularly improved,” says Rohit. Moreover, the entire team has been saving time: Employees submit their leave requests and report their sick leave comfortably via the app, leaving Kiron more time to look after its about 7,500 students. And HR needs to deal with fewer administrative tasks. “We now need 25 to 30 percent less time for administrative jobs,” confirms the Head of HR. As a result, the HR team is able to focus on strategic projects such as staff development and the company’s culture. These are particularly important to Kiron.

And Rohit is finally able to generate precisely the reports and analyses he needs for his work. “In the past, reporting was very time-consuming, but now it’s all done within a few clicks,” he is happy to report. “This saves me between 20 and 30 minutes of time per report.”

Efficient communication with applicants

More time for strategic projects

Informative reports

Kiron's Favorite

“I’ve worked with all of the major HR tools, but Personio is the most user-friendly one.”

Rohit really appreciates that Personio is so intuitive to use: “I’ve been working in HR for ten years and have worked with all of the major tools, but none of them has been as user-friendly as Personio.” His favorite aspect of all? The Customer Support Team. Rohit claims that he’s never had more pleasant conversations than with the Personio team.

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