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About the company: Futurice develops digital products and services, enabling its customers to establish a culture of innovation that makes them fit for the future. Founded in Finland, the company has over 650 employees in 8 European locations: Helsinki, Tampere, London, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Oslo, and Stockholm.

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Isabell Pörksen
Isabell Pörksen

Head of HR Germany

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The Challenge

Futurice is a company that is shaping the future – not only that of its customers but also its own. For the digital innovation company, transparency, agility, diversity, and inclusion are core values that drive innovation. But how can these values also be implemented in the company’s processes?

As the company continued to internationalise, the HR team realised that internal processes were reaching their limits.“We’re growing at an average of 30% per year,” reveals Isabell Pörksen, Head of HR Germany, who prefers to replace “Human Resources” with “Human Care” in her title. “But our old tools didn’t support our working methods in the way we needed them to.”

We’re growing at 30% a year, but our old tools weren’t able to support us fully.

The combination of scattered Excel sheets and different software didn’t allow uniform HR reporting or the necessary transparency, agility, and efficiency in the team.“What we wanted was a global solution, a central people tool that would synchronise processes across all locations and facilitate collaboration. Because we enable our employees to change location easily, we wanted a solution that we could use in all locations.’’

  • Many tools and scattered data

  • Rapid growth

  • Global collaboration

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HR solutions on their shortlist

With just one click, we can see who has just started and retrieve important information – this makes mobility between locations easier.

The Decision

Futurice was looking for an HR software that would support their goals and values as a partner. A detailed market and requirements analysis provided clarity, and finally, eight providers were shortlisted.

Flexibility was a non-negotiable requirement for the HR software because Futurice’s special corporate culture had to be visible at all times: input fields for employee data, for example, had to be customisable.

Futurice also wanted a web-based solution that would store information in the EU in compliance with data protection regulations, be available in English, and enable integration with Futurice’s own and other tools. Personio not only met all criteria but was also recommended by colleagues from other companies.“And of course, we also sought the feedback of our employees,” says Isabell. Personio emerged as the right solution.

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The Result

“Now the cooperation in our global team works even better,” says Isabell. “With just one click, we can see where new people are starting and can retrieve important information independently – this makes mobility between locations easier and saves unnecessary emails."

Onboarding is also running more efficiently than ever.“We have many different onboarding processes – for employees who change location, for different jobs and teams. That’s why we created 20 different HR templates in Personio,” explains Isabell.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Personio provides support with flexible input fields in the digital personnel file. “We have high expectations of ourselves when it comes to diversity,” says Isabell.“With Personio, we can regularly evaluate how many women we employ in leadership roles."

The HR software also plays a role in their OKR 'Transparency to Diversity': Processes are transparent, and employee data can be viewed by the right people depending on their access rights.

Futurice is a forward-looking company in an industry that requires digital and innovative work.“That’s why we are also very strategic in the personnel area and try to extract as much information as possible from our data,” explains Isabell. Reports and structured processes help here.“For example, based on the results of our exit interviews, which are conducted in the same way at all locations, we see where we can improve.

  • Global processes

  • Transparent employee data

  • Strategic insights through reporting

Futurice's Favourite

Transparency is a core value of Futurice. The most valuable thing for Isabell is, therefore, that she can use Personio to carry out efficient and transparent HR work.“We can now control onboarding across different departments and locations and even remotely. Document templates save us time so that we can invest in strategic initiatives. Employees can track their salary history – and the preparatory payroll is now running quickly and smoothly."

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