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When Your HR Processes Help to Change the World

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About the company: ProVeg International is an organisation in the nutrition sector that works to transform global food systems: replacing conventional animal products with plant-based alternatives. The association has its German headquarters in Berlin. It has experienced rapid growth in recent years and is already active on four continents.

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Nora Winter
Nora Winter

Head of HR

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The Challenge

A global transformation in nutrition ​–​ that is the common goal of the non-profit organisation ProVeg. But how can you change the world if inadequate HR processes hamper the team’s efficiency?“We are growing rapidly, but our candidate process used to be labourious,” explains Nora Winter.

Nora has been leading ProVeg’s HR department for over seven years. Particularly in recruiting, a lot of manual tasks had to be performed. With the increasing number of applicants, we lost a lot of time unnecessarily.

We are growing rapidly, but our candidate process used to be really labor intensive.

The HR administration also had no central HR tool to coordinate processes smoothly and store data in one location.“We used a variety of tables, and our employee data was scattered across numerous folders,” the HR manager recalls.

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Without all the administrative burden, we were able to focus on managing our organisational growth.

The Decision

The ProVeg team wanted to map out the candidate management process as efficiently as possible and establish a basis for long-term growth. For this, the right HR tool had to be found.

They wanted a centralised recruiting process that facilitated mass mailings and a professional career page to help bring the right people with the right vision on board. Easy administration and handling of the tool were also on their wishlist.

At the end of 2016, after the team had looked at various solutions, they chose Personio.“We were still a pretty small organisation at that time, but growing, and Personio offered the right financial conditions as well as a range of solutions,” Nora explained.“Personio was also very helpful in answering all of our questions, and we felt that we were in good hands.”

  • Easy employee administration

  • Professional career page

  • Centralised recruiting

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The Result

It didn’t take long for the HR team to see the first successes of their decision.“We were able to concentrate better on guiding the organisation’s growth, instead of wasting time on administrative things.” 

Four years have passed, and Nora can hardly remember how things were before Personio.“In any case, those times were not as good,” she says with a grin. Personio now supports the HR team in all phases of the employee cycle, from onboarding to offboarding."

Employee data is documented and kept in one central tool, and that is particularly helpful when you have offices in different countries.“We used to painstakingly pull the information together via emails and meetings,” says Nora.“Now we actually have time to focus as an HR team on the content of our work.”

The recruiting process is also much leaner now, and Personio provides clear reports and analytics on key developments in the company.“And our employees use the tool daily for time tracking, to request leave, or to view their HR documents."

ProVeg's Favourite Feature

“Thanks to consistent processes across different countries, we save time and can focus on the content of our work.” ProVeg’s HR team sees the biggest benefit in the consistent handling of HR processes through Personio.

The efficiency and clarity allow the HR team to focus more on tasks that add value. And what else?“We also like that we can grant access rights individually and how Personio is continuously being developed further,” Nora adds.

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