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About the company: Getsafe rethinks and redevelops insurance. The Heidelberg-based company relies on digital solutions and artificial intelligence to help people protect what matters most to them.

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Anna-Lena Pusch, Getsafe
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Insurance for a New Generation

Located in Heidelberg, Germany, Getsafe aims to revolutionise the insurance industry with an app and already has more than 300,000 policyholders in Germany, Great Britain, and Austria.“Everything is digital – our customers can take out and manage their insurance quickly and easily on their smartphone,” says Anna-Lena Pusch, People Operations Manager at Getsafe.

She explains their disruptive business model: “Millennials and digital natives don’t want long contract commitments or paper documents. This target group does everything digitally. So, why not their insurance?”

Helping the Team Adjust to New Ways of Working

Getsafe has been relying on Personio’s HR platform since 2017. During the pandemic, automated onboarding was particularly useful: “When hiring remotely, it is extremely important that new colleagues feel like they belong, especially when it’s not possible to welcome them to the office.”

At the moment, growth in the workforce is picking up significantly. During this scaling phase, adaptable onboarding is needed.“And that’s where Personio’s flexibility is super valuable,” Anna-Lena explains.“Personio is the single source of truth. We’re also constantly developing our usage of the system,” says Anna-Lena.

Five years ago, Getsafe’s workforce was a lot smaller, and every HR employee had full access to all areas of the software.“With our growth, this has changed. I take care of the rights and roles centrally, which we have introduced very successfully.”

"Our HR department is divided into two teams: recruiting and people operations,” Anna-Lena explains.“Personio ensures a clean handover when candidates actually become ‘Getsafees’, as new employees are called at Getsafe.” She shares: “Our onboarding process is individualised and sophisticated. We trigger automated processes for long-term hires, but also there’s room for manual adjustments. All responsible colleagues know exactly which status the new Getsafee is currently in.”

“We can see which tasks have been completed and which ones are still open. Personio’s intuitive colour system helps us with keeping the overview of processes.” Anna-Lena is also excited by the possibility of drawing insights from the system at the click of a button.“We can prevent and recognise where things could go wrong in the near future.”

requests managed in 30 days
new employees a month
hours or less to respond to a request

Today, it is impossible to imagine our HR work without Personio.

The Advantages of an HR Ticketing System

In 2021, Getsafe introduced the HR Help Desk from Back, an integration partner of Personio (which is now part of the company): “The pandemic forced us to take action. Before, we had a strong office-first culture, and suddenly then we couldn’t live that anymore.”

For ‘Getsafees’, this also meant that the personal connection to HR disappeared: “We then received many written inquiries, which we had to check, forward to the appropriate person, prioritise and process.”These inquiries could be anything from questions about tax returns to forms for childcare subsidies."This really ate up our time. In addition, we had no overview on the status of the requests that reached our team because they were posted in the personal Slack chats.”

The solution was Back. By quickly integrating it with Slack, employees could post their requests from a channel they already knew well. These requests posted in Slack were automatically transferred to Back, where the HR managers could distribute, assign and process them quickly and smoothly. It also became possible to track the response rate, allowing Getsafe’s people team to check their own service levels: “We gained a detailed overview and could finally make sure that no request was missed.”

The most important impact? Every request arrived in the form of an HR ticket and was assigned to the appropriate employee in HR – thus saving resources and time. It brought the whole organisation a new level of clarity: “Thanks to Conversations, we were able to take our employee experience to a new level. Everyone knew the current status of their HR ticket – it makes for simple, effective, and transparent communication.”

The Impact of Having an HR Help Desk

Getsafe can look forward to a new feature that integrates the strengths of Back into Personio: Personio Conversations. It’s an HR help desk solution that seamlessly integrates with the existing system.

Anna-Lena sees some major opportunities: “Having Personio Conversations means we no longer have to work on two dashboards in parallel, but can see all the info at a glance. I’m also looking forward to the fact that we’ll be able to see employees’ profile information within the HR ticket.”

Connecting two tools is the magic formula of Personio Conversations. According to Anna-Lena, the most important thing is constant data synchronisation. This way, she can ensure that all communication happens from one place, where HR can keep track of all processes without having to change tools.

Could Personio Conversations Help Your Team?

Personio Conversations acts as a concierge for all employees and a central point of contact for all inquiries to the HR team. This means that the delivery of HR services to the HR team becomes scalable, while employees receive quick and consistent responses at all times.

Unlike most other ticketing systems, Personio Conversations is designed specifically for HR tickets and the requirements of a modern HR team. It also allows companies to minimise the number of tools that employees need to use.

According to a Personio study in 2021, almost 50% of employees say they have to use too many digital tools. This is something that has only increased with the rise of remote and hybrid work.

The new solution will of course be GDPR-approved, which is crucial for HR inquiries because communication from HR to employees is strictly private. This is the case no matter which channel an employee uses to create a ticket in Personio Conversations, whether it’s Slack, Teams, or email.

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