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Industry: Biopharmaceuticals

About the company: Alvotech is a fully integrated specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and manufacturing high-quality biosimilar medicines. Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, they operate in offices across Europe.

Ella-Sigga Gudlaugsdottir, VP of HR, Alvotech

Ella-Sigga Gudlaugsdottir
VP of HR

Iris Landen
Head of HR and Administration

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The main challenges

As a company that was growing at a torrid pace, Alvotech was facing some familiar challenges to a lot of companies in the same position. Their entire HR system was spread out across various spreadsheets, emails, and two different systems between their international offices. This led to a lot of questions for HR from employees, a great deal of administrative work and backtracking, and a less-reliable data set to consider and make decisions from. In short, it was too chaotic and was not scaling with their own growth. 

I was always answering, answering, answering, and then mistakes would happen. – Iris Landen

Alvotech was in need of a solution that could keep up with their rapid growth and development, and that could offer their employees a single source of truth to review data, make changes, and answer their own questions in only a few clicks.

Employee data spread out across multiple spreadsheets and emails

A system that couldn’t keep up with their recruiting efforts and goals

Lack of synergy between international offices due to differing systems

current employees

European offices

times more employees in one year

To keep track of every person we wanted to hire to help us grow, we knew it was time to look into an HR software solution. – Iris Landen


Deciding on Personio

As the VP of HR, Ella-Sigga knew what Personio brought to the table: “Every HR system has its own possibilities. I liked Personio because it did what we needed, was GDPR-compliant, and because we could upload all of our documents into one single solution.” In short, Personio not only covered all the essentials but offered a variety of features and possibilities that Alvotech could use in the future. Especially as an international company, with offices in Iceland and Germany, they needed a single source of truth for all their employee data, but they also needed a tool that could grow with them.

That meant not only having a place to store it but knowing that it would be secure and GDPR-compliant. This way, one could go to one location to look at the full history of an employee, while knowing that their personal data is secure. Ella-Sigga continued: “It is a really good source of information. If used correctly, it is very flexible, and I see a lot more possibilities than we already have within Personio. It is really intuitive.” Now they had the solution they needed, the next step was implementing Personio and having the software grow with their own needs over time…

Alvotech Meeting Vial (1)

Implementing and succeeding

In a matter of weeks, Alvotech had Personio in place. With the help of their Implementation Manager, they enjoyed an easy and straightforward process, with access to all of the answers they needed to any of their questions. Then, with everything in place, Alvotech has used the opportunity to grow and to use Personio even further to unlock their productive potential. They did this with the help of Personio’s Customer Success Team who offers individualized, tailored guidance and data to help them become even more successful in their HR.

“We are always trying to understand better how we can use Personio. Thanks to our Customer Success Manager, we were able to significantly improve our HR processes. Our CSM strategically advised us in shaping our processes and actively guided us through the entire process. With this support, we are getting the most value out of Personio in our daily business.” explained Ella-Sigga. This results in endless opportunities to understand how they are using Personio, the data within the system, and what they can do to make things even better. That includes having the time to speak with someone from Personio to make those improvements.

We are always looking at ways to utilize Personio better. – Ella-Sigga Gudlaugsdottir

As Iris states, “As a growing company, it is great to have an expert where you can discuss things before you implement them. Changes always have an influence on the system, so this way we make sure to avoid mistakes while maximizing the potential of Personio.”

Time to focus on strategy

Now, both Iris and Ella-Sigga remark that they have the time to focus on truly strategic topics to help Alvotech’s HR perform at a new level. Thanks to Personio as a single source of truth for their employee data, they’ve gotten back the time they need to do even greater work. “When you are not interrupted during your work, with questions or inquiries, then you can focus or have the time to focus on more strategic topics that give HR the time to think about improving recruiting processes, employer branding, and more,” says Iris.

Ella-Sigga builds on this idea of empowering their employees across all locations: “The key is that people have access to Personio themselves, so they can look at how much vacation time they have, or when they got a salary increase, instead of pings and calls and questions.” Now, not having to worry about administration means they can focus on improving processes and using the data they have collected to make more impactful and long-lasting decisions. In cooperation with their Customer Success Manager, this also means making sure that the potential of Personio is consistently realized. And, for their employees, implementing Personio has also made their lives easier, too. “People don’t have to be afraid of editing something or ruining something…they can easily make changes,” Ella-Sigga explains.

A single source of truth for every employee across Europe

The time to focus on more strategic, impactful initiatives

Confidence from employees to use Personio to answer their questions

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

For Ella-Sigga, the best thing about Personio is quite clear: “It is very good for us to have Personio internationally because when you have an organization that is working across countries, you often end up having many different systems… with Personio, everybody is in one place.”

That foundation is paramount to their overall productivity, but Iris also comments on the potential of Personio: “There is always a lot of improvement and changes within Personio. To use these improvements for our purposes and processes is really good,” she states. Both Iris and Ella-Sigga agree that thanks to the implementation and continued guidance with Personio, not only has HR become easier but more strategic, and they see an unlimited world of growth in the future.

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