Continuous Product Updates - Making Your Work Easier

In today's fast-paced business climate, standing still means falling behind. Fortunately, Personio helps you stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly working on making our product better than it was the day before, and developing new and time-saving functions that turbocharge your HR processes and tasks. With Personio, HR and recruiting teams have the technology they need to future-proof their processes.

2023 June
finway Integration

Streamlines financial processes, enhance onboarding efficiency, and improves budget control with finway integration, benefiting HR operations and financial management.

2023 June
Form Templates Access Rights

Enhance data security and customer satisfaction by enabling role-based access to form templates, promoting flexibility, and reducing dependency on platform admins.

2023 June
HowNow Integration

Enhance HR operations and employee development with HowNow integration for efficient user provisioning, personalized learning, and streamlined onboarding.

2023 June
JobShop by talentscout Integration

JobShop Integration enables seamless online applications, optimizing job offers and increasing application rates, providing valuable insights to all the stakeholders.

2023 June
Maximum daily work time

Streamlines compliance, empowers employees and mitigates risks with a maximum daily working time feature for HR managers, supervisors, and approvers.

2023 June
Multiple locations per position

Save costs and reduce administrative efforts by leveraging & enabling multiple locations, while maintaining hiring numbers.

2023 June

Streamlines travel solutions for expense management, compliance, real-time visibility, and cost savings.

2023 June
PitchYou Integration

Streamlines recruitment with PitchYou integration, enhancing engagement and conversions through an intuitive WhatsApp-based application process for all stakeholders.

2023 June Integration

Optimize HR operations with integration, automating data synchronization, streamlining workflows, and enhancing efficiency.

2023 June
Workato Integration

Workato integration streamlines business process automation, data integration, and synchronization, ensuring up-to-date data.

2023 May

eloomi integration makes it simple to deliver highly engaging blended learning, to grow employees’ knowledge. Find out more

2023 May
LapID Integration

LapID integration develops seamless processes for driver's license checks, instructions, and vehicle inspections. Find out more

2023 May
Multiple Email Reminders for Cycle Reviews

Automated email reminders empower all stakeholders to stay on track with performance tasks, ensuring timely completion and review submission.

2023 May
Neobrain Integration

Our new integration allows you to align your company's strategy with the employee's skills and motivations. Find out more

2023 May
Overview of All Goals for HR Managers

Effortlessly track employee goals, efficiently review bulk-created goals, and correct any errors with ease.

2023 May
Preview Document in Request Signature Flow

Enhanced HR admin experience with consistent document preview, convenient signature request display, and efficient review process.

2023 May
Rename & Recategorise Document Templates

Enhanced document creation with improved template display and renaming capabilities; streamlines template management.

2023 April
Form Templates for Continuous Feedback

Provide employees with form templates so they can give continuous feedback to peers and drive development on a daily basis.