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Continuous Product Updates - Making Your Work Easier

In today's fast-paced business climate, standing still means falling behind. Fortunately, Personio helps you stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly working on making our product better than it was the day before, and developing new and time-saving functions that turbocharge your HR processes and tasks. With Personio, HR and recruiting teams have the technology they need to future-proof their processes.

Employee Self-Enrollment for Trainings

Publish training courses company-wide that employees can browse and sign-up to themselves. They also get an overview of past and upcoming courses and can take co-ownership of their own development.


With LearnUpon's LMS businesses around the world can champion simple, learner-centric experiences and results-focused support for learning to be simpler and have a bigger impact. We have now the right integration for you!

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Active Sourcing Extension for LinkedIn

With our Chrome browser extension for LinkedIn you can save significant time and eliminate costly manual mistakes when doing active sourcing. All information and documents from a potential hire’s LinkedIn profile are seamlessly transferred to Personio to automatically create a candidate profile.

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We are happy to launch Personio Conversations as your new HR helpdesk solution! It will allow your employees to submit requests via different channels and provide you an easy way to manage employee requests in a central and collaborative way!

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Progress Statistics on Performance Cycles

Now you can easily check how the overall performance review cycle goes! A new widget provides you an overview of all completed reviews and specific review types as well as reviews that have not been assigned yet.

360learning Integration

360Learning is the easiest way to onboard and upskill employees, train customer-facing teams, and enable customers and partners – all from one place. We have now the right integration for you!

Holistic Customer Support via "Find Answers"

With "Find Answers" you have easy access to all support resources in one place to find answers to all your questions – 24/7 and in all languages.

Schedule Multiple Attributes At Once

Save time when managing future events like planned promotions or role changes by scheduling changes for multiple employee attributes in one go.

Visma Nmbrs Integration

Visma Nmbrs is an Amsterdam-based HR and payroll software supplier for the Dutch and Swedish markets. With Visma Nmbrs you are able to easily perform your payroll. We have now the right integration for you!

become.1 Integration

Centralize administration of all existing and new benefits through one platform with minimal administrative effort all the way from setting up the program up to payroll accounting with become.1. We now have the right integration for you!

Comeet Integration

With Comeet you can enable high-growth, small-to-medium-sized companies to quickly find the best candidates by automating hiring workflows and eliminating team silos. We now have the right integration for you!

Converting Overtime to Absences in Hours

More flexibility for all companies that record absences in hours! Now you can compensate your employees for overtime with time off in hours.

Jumpcloud Integration

Add efficiency to a workday of IT admins by managing centrally user identities and resource access; secure all devices; and get a full view of your environment from a single pane of glass. We have now the right integration for you!

New Settings Homepage

Easily access the software settings for all areas in Personio from one the new central and beautiful homepage.

Training Management Improvements

Manage your training more smoothly by filtering participants based on their invite and attendance status, export training session data, and cancel sessions to reschedule them later.

Bonrepublic Integration

Bonrepublic is a talent management platform that helps companies retain, motivate and develop their employees, by giving them a toolkit to incentivize and recognize achievements, and analyze and foster employees’ development along their most important competencies. We now have the right integration for you!

On-/Offboarding with External Stakeholders

External stakeholders are part of your on- and offboarding processes? Now you can easily include external email addresses in any email step during on- and offboarding.

Ramp Integration

Ramp is a corporate card and finance automation platform designed to help you save time and money. Ramp helps finance teams save hours a week tracking expenses, following up with employees, and closing their books. We now have the right integration for you!