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About the company: Swile is a digital solutions provider concerning employee benefits, offering an all-in-one smart card and an app for team life. Based in France with an office in Brazil, in October 2021, they raised $200 million in Series D funding and reached unicorn status.

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Thibaut Grandjacques
Thibaut Grandjacques

People Experience Strategist

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The Problem: Growing, Scaling & Succeeding

In his work at Swile, Thibaut’s role has a lot to do with data, processes, and people-related tools. So, when he joined the team, he came with high expectations for the HR tool they would be using. That’s because, in the past, he often found that some of the tools used at previous companies often didn’t keep the experience of employees, managers, and HR in mind.

In his own words: “HR tools like these were not very flexible, and not very easy to use for employees and managers.” After all, employee experience is everything: “Especially for managers and employees who have many tools to deal with in their working day. When they need to go to an HR tool, they should quickly find the information they need and take action.”

The system we had before Personio could not help us manage all our needs at scale.

For Swile, that simply wouldn’t do. As a company that is growing and scaling quickly, they had outgrown their previous tool.“We wanted to find a more thorough and complex tool that would help manage all of our HR topics, especially onboarding and offboarding,” Thibaut explains.

  • A previous tool too focused on only one element of HR

  • Too many spreadsheets and manual work for core HR tasks

  • Fast growth requiring a tool that could produce clean HR data

current employees
new joiners each month
locations worldwide

With Personio, the adoption is very easy for all stakeholders.

Looking Ahead to HR’s Future

When it came to the decision to go with Personio, it was just as important that Swile used a tool that could help them grow in a multitude of ways. Thibaut explains, “For me, the future of HR is to have seamless integrations between applications and workflows based on them. Currently, an employee has so many tools to deal with in their daily work… The future is to have many tools all integrated with one core HR tool.”

In that sense, the future of HR for Thibaut sounded a lot like People Workflow Automation: “We now have a common HR software, in Personio, that allows for consistent workflows that are also of high quality between our offices in France and Brazil.”

This emphasis on workflows and helping the entire organisation improve their processes, was crucial for Thibaut as he came into his new role (and when it came to employee adoption).

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Workflows: Onboarding at Swile with Personio

Thibaut isn’t simply excited about the future of what Personio can do: “The big change regarding Personio is that I didn’t have to spend lots of hours training to use Personio. It is very intuitive, easy to use and impactful.”

All people involved in onboarding have clear to-do lists, directly within Personio, to help manage the arrival of new joiners seamlessly.

One of the ways this makes itself the clearest is in onboarding. As a company bringing on between 15-50 new employees each month across France and Brazil, Swile needed an onboarding process that was efficient and effective.“Using Personio, our People Team asks every new joiner to complete their Personio profile before even joining the company. On day one, everything is prepared, and the employee is ready to start immediately.”

Results Worth Smiling About

For Thibaut, especially as someone newly joining the company and using Personio, it made all the difference that Personio offered a user-friendly platform. And, as mentioned, that was exactly the case. It was easy for Thibaut and even for new employees to the company to log on and start using Personio immediately.

In addition to that, in his role as people experience strategist, he was having direct and easy access to analytics and reports in a pinch.“My first mission when I arrived at Swile was to build dashboards with the base people-related KPIs, and it was very simple for me to do exactly that in Personio.”

He goes on to say, “Almost every week, I pull data from Personio about new joiners and leavers, the number of employees, splits between teams and locations, and more. It’s all there in Personio.”

The ultimate result is a little bit of everything in Thibaut’s estimation. He has the ease of use he needs, the people partners are able to onboard effectively, and employees and managers have what they need whenever they log on. It’s the best of everything.

Their Favourite Feature

One of the things that Thibaut enjoys the most is the Personio Community, a place where HR professionals of all stripes can exchange ideas and ways to help improve Personio as a platform. This kind of collaboration in his own work is critical.

Beyond that, though, it has to be the accessibility. As he puts it, “Personio is made for employees and managers first — it is very easy to use and intuitive, but it is also very easy to personalise it for the company’s needs.” This level of accessibility, matched with personalisation, had made the team at Swile’s lives much easier and has helped them scale considerably.

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