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Industry: Software and Internet services

About the company: The market intelligence company Statista is the leading provider of market and consumer data headquartered in Hamburg. With over 600 employees, the Statista team is represented at nine locations worldwide.

Claude ManciniHead of HR at Statista

Claude Mancini
Head of HR at Statista

Felix Hock
Head of Talent Acquisition at Statista

Felix Hock
Head of Talent Acquisition at Statista

The Challenge

When Claude joined Statista in 2016, the company had just about 190 employees. By now, this number has more than tripled. But Statista’s explosive growth led to challenges in the HR department: HR processes had been tracked in Excel spreadsheets and applicants managed in Outlook. This didn’t work too well, says Felix. Negative feedback was received from both job candidates as well as department heads.

Distribute applications to the right places

Get feedback from managers and classify candidates

Structure the application processes

It was clear that a professional software would be required in order to manage the huge quantity of applicants smoothly, and to fulfill all of the different stakeholders’ expectations.

We hire 25 to 30 people every month, but the tool is so self-explanatory that only a brief introduction is needed.

Times as Many Employees in 3.5 Years

Locations worldwide

New Employees per Month

The Decision:: We Need a New Tool

A central tool with a certain level of flexibility – that’s what Statista was after. HR processes should be managed centrally, and documents and data stored in one location. As Statista also wanted some features within the tool customized, solid customer support that would provide assistance and solve their problems quickly was also essential to them.


Store documents in a central location

Customer support

Personio’s Customer Support always responded and called back immediately.

Statista tool view

The Result: Managing HR with Personio

Recruiting is like herding cats, believes Felix. You always have to know which candidate is currently where – that is, in which phase of the application process. With Personio, the HR team keeps track of the range of their applicants as well as their tasks. Requesting feedback from team managers, classifying applicants and communicating with them – all of this is now an easy and well-organized process.

Personio has been a tremendous help in structuring and keeping track of our application process.

The ability to customize access rights is also a feature that the HR team finds really helpful. For example, Claude can give team managers exact rights to particular details, e.g. the salary of a particular employee without them being able to see other sensitive information.

Structured application process

Individual access rights

Intuitive handling

Statista's Favorite

Statista loves the clarity and intuitive handling of the Personio platform, as these aspects save the HR team a lot of work. Department heads are now even able to manage their applicants without the help of the recruitment team.

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