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About the company: Bundl is a venture development firm that leverages corporate assets to rapidly build new businesses into future revenue streams. As a company, they are ushering in the next era of corporate entrepreneurship.

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Rachid Lisand
Rachid Lisand

HR Officer

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The Problem: Growing Needs

Prior to his role as HR Officer, Rachid began his time at Bundl as an HR intern, which meant that he had seen Bundl grow a great deal in a short amount of time. For him, he saw firsthand how the team’s HR needs were growing and the issues at play.

As he puts it, “I noticed and told management that we would need something bigger, better, and centralised to help us save a lot of time. Because, right now, our HR is unable to touch a lot of things that we’d like to address.”

I saw certain things that I knew were going to take a lot of time, or things that we still need to address.

As a company that was growing, and rather quickly, Rachid knew that this demand on their resources and time was only going to grow. They needed a solution that would help them tackle this so they could focus on continuing that growth unabated.

  • A growing organisation with growing needs

  • The lack of time to focus on more strategic initiatives

  • Needed onboarding that got new joiners up to speed

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Personio was the perfect match for us and the way we work.

Making The Decision

Rachid knew that Bundl needed a solution that could account for their growing needs, but he also wanted something that was the right fit for the company and its innovative culture.“Because we are a creative company, we like new and fresh things. We thought Personio was also heading the right way, which is why they made such a great match,” Rachid explains.

It was just as important, though, that any new solution could masterfully handle the onboarding process. With a host of new joiners being welcomed into the team, Bundl needed an HR solution that could balance all those manual tasks in a streamlined and efficient way: “We outlined all of the pros and cons, and Personio was the perfect match for us and the way we work.”

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The Results: Bringing Everything Together

Prior to Personio, it was a struggle for Rachid and his team to maintain a single source of truth for all of their employee data. Details were sometimes trapped in Excel spreadsheets or emails, and it was difficult to bring everything together.

As he explains, “We worked a lot through email, from recruiting to onboarding, through video calls, and Google Drive as well as Slack. And, that’s not the best way to consolidate your data.”

Now, with Personio, they have one place for all of their data. Employees are also actively encouraged to make use of the self-service function, updating their data on their own so everything remains fresh, relevant, and accurate.

That saved Rachid and his team a lot of time: “Because of Personio, our time is better spent focusing on how to enhance and improve the human experience and healthy work environment.” Rachid explains: “Since Bundl is growing even more and using Personio almost every day, it is becoming more about how we can use Personio to meet our needs in the future. Whether that includes more integrations or something else.”

This is where something like the Personio Marketplace is especially exciting for the team. It means that they can use Personio as the “heart” of their people processes and integrate it with tools that are relevant for them and their work.

“For me, the Personio Marketplace is really cool. It enables a connection of tools that allows employees, from the moment they apply to work at Bundl, to get into the flow of Personio.” Ultimately, the result of implementing Personio has not only meant reduced time on tasks but the ability to focus on other tasks. They are able to know that all of Bundl’s information is secure and available whenever anybody needs it (or needs to update it).

Personio’s Workflow Hub: Keeping An Eye On Everything

One of the things that Rachid appreciates most is Personio's Workflow Hub, a single place to keep an eye on all of Bundl’s relevant people processes.“We tested out the Workflow Hub because we had a certain document that needed to be signed by all employees. It was really great to see the overview of who is pending, who has signed because that was something I was personally struggling with.”

To have an overview, within Personio, is really special, good, and beneficial for us.

Now, Rachid can keep an eye on and keep track of the status of a document, across the company, all in a single glance. That kind of overview allows him to see where things are being held up, and where delays can be removed to find success: “Using the Workflow Hub, it is really easy to see who has signed a document, who needs to sign, and to have all of that information in one place. For me, that is a huge plus.”

Their Favourite Part of Personio

For Rachid, it’s not only that time spent on manual tasks has been reduced, for him, but it also goes well beyond that and speaks to the future of work (both at Bundl and in the world).

“A lot of companies use plenty of tools. To have certain tools working and talking with one another, especially with new employees coming in, makes it easier to know how things work and something every company should aim for,” he explains.

This level of innovation is not only how the team at Bundl likes to work, but it is exactly what they see in how Personio operates too. Rachid is excited for the future of HR at Bundl, as well as, how they can better use Personio to meet their growing needs.

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