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About the company: Urban Sports Club offers a flexible sports and wellness flat rate. The offer for corporate customers includes training in the studio, outdoors, and online courses via livestream. Members can thus train in the immediate vicinity of their workplace, their apartment, or at home and put together their own individual training plan from over 50 types of sports. The hypergrowth company from Berlin has 450 employees and unites over 40 nationalities in its team.

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Daniel Gebhard
Daniel Gebhard

Senior HR Manager

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The Starting Position

Urban Sports Club knows everything about moving fast ​–​ this sports and exercise company has achieved incredible growth and conquered international markets within a very short period of time. However, the company lacked an HR management system that met its needs.

“Before I joined the HR team about 18 months ago, my colleagues were still working with Excel spreadsheets. However, spreadsheets were far from adequate for coping with our growing number of employees and processes during the hypergrowth stage. That’s why we decided on Personio,” explains People Operations Manager Julia Gardzilewski.

Excel spreadsheets were inadequate for reflecting our processes during the hypergrowth stage.

It was Julia’s job to update the incomplete HR database and set up clean HR processes in Personio for the company’s ongoing growth, such as for the onboarding process.“I also transferred our entire payroll preparation to Personio,” says Julia.“After I took over the payroll task, I reviewed how we could best create synergies with Personio so we wouldn’t have to work with Excel.”

  • Strong growth

  • Too many Excel lists

  • Unmatched personnel database

partners in 7 EU countries
nationalities in the team

Personio has become our single source of truth for all HR data.

The Result

These days, Urban Sports Club’s HR database is optimally maintained.“Personio has become our single source of truth for all HR data,” says Senior HR Manager Daniel Gebhard, who supports the company’s headquarters from Cologne.

Urban Sports Club’s HR managers also use Personio for international reporting purposes.“All relevant stakeholders are provided with valid figures and reports. In addition, we have an overview of all key figures such as FTE, personnel costs or attendances and absences on this basis,” he adds.

Julia also uses the HR software to deal with tasks such as modifying contracts or updating leave entitlements.“Personio is the first thing I open every day,” she says. A glance at the dashboard clearly shows her everything that needs to be done.“And then I have time to think about how I can improve internal HR processes further.”

  • A single source of truth for personnel data

  • Clarity in day-to-day HR tasks

  • Optimized personnel processes

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Working with Personio's Key Account Management

Urban Sports Club used 2020 to integrate its international subsidiaries and sub-companies quickly and seamlessly into a comprehensive HR system.“What we wanted was to have a sound basis of harmonised data for all of our companies and offices,” explains Daniel.

To do this, they needed new processes.“Personio’s Key Account Management has been really helpful throughout. It gives structure to our issues, and our key account manager, Max, has supported our integrations in every way he could.” The Urban Sports Club team is currently standardising its processes before rolling them out to international sub-companies. This will create a sound basis for healthy, sustained growth.

Personio’s Key Account Management gives structure to our issues and supports our integrations in every way it can.

Julia’s favourite aspect of working with Personio’s Key Account Management?“Every time I have a suggestion for improvement, I can raise it during my bi-monthly meeting with our key account manager, Max. He gives me feedback on what the product team is currently working on. It’s super helpful to know what lies ahead in Personio and which new functions we can expect.”

Urban Sports Club's Favourite

For Daniel and Julia, the greatest added value lies in the fact that Personio provides clear, standardised HR management structures across multiple sub-companies and offices.“This sets us up incredibly well at the international level.” Naturally, their second most favourite aspect is Personio’s Key Account Management.

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