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About the company: The startup CleverShuttle is shaping the mobility of tomorrow. With its hydrogen and electric vehicles, the environmentally friendly carpooling service wants to make cities greener again. The young company has 1,300 employees at six locations.

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Viktoria Bechthold
Viktoria Bechthold

Human Resources Director

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The Challenge

Hydrogen-powered cars, e-scooters, smart carpools: The eMobility industry is on the upswing. The start-up CleverShuttle is stirring up the market with its environmentally-friendly ride pooling model – it’s been so successful that, in 2019, the number of employees tripled to 1,300.

But while CleverShuttle stepped on the gas in business, the HR department realised how it was reaching its limits.“At times, we hired up to 120 new employees per month. With our slim HR team of initially only three employees, the admin was almost impossible to cope with,” says Human Resources Director Viktoria Bechthold.

The team’s coordination also became increasingly complex due to their growth. “In addition to our 1,000 drivers, there are now 200 employees in the head office and locations, plus the HR and recruiting teams as well as the HR managers who work directly at our six locations,” explains Lara Schweinebart, Team Lead of HR Administration.

A central HR solution was urgently needed to ensure that communication and personnel administration could run stringently and thus efficiently. Personio was already in use at CleverShuttle, but the potential of the software was far from exhausted. So the question was: How could Personio be used to boost growth at CleverShuttle?

With up to 120 new employees every month, the administration with our small HR team was almost impossible to cope with.

  • Strong growth with a small HR team

  • Complex staff lists

  • Difficult coordination and lack of standard processes

times more employees in one year

Personio gave us the opportunity to help design the functions in the system.

The Requirements

In order to succeed, sustainable growth and standard processes for cross-company collaboration had to be established. Instead of maintaining and archiving Excel files in different storage folders, the six locations needed to work together in a central, fully-networked solution.

At the same time, the staff wanted to reduce their administrative workload. The basis for this was secure role and rights management and the ability to clearly assign tasks and responsibilities. However, because the personnel structure of CleverShuttle has many special features, this was not enough.“We knew that a one-size-fits-all solution would not work for us,” says Viktoria.“Fortunately, Personio was very cooperative and gave us the opportunity to help shape the functions that were important for us.”

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How Personio Supports CleverShuttle

Since standardising HR management with Personio, the HR team at CleverShuttle has switched to life in the fast lane. The coordination of the individual locations has become much easier; documents such as driver’s licenses are uploaded to a central employee file. Instead of sending contracts for review by three departments, it all happens in one click.

“In the past, onboarding and offboarding cost us a lot of time. With the templates we use now, we are much more efficient,” says Viktoria. The extended reporting also paid off. “In every city in which we operate, we need a permit and have to show the authorities with figures that we are complying with the necessary requirements. So it helps if we can put together personnel evaluations simply and flexibly.”

Endless administration no longer slows down the HR team at CleverShuttle.“Because most administrative HR processes now run automatically, we even have time for our heart’s desires,” explains Lara. To promote and develop employees, the HR team offers training programs and coaching. “But employer branding is also a topic that we want to actively address.”

CleverShuttle's Favourite

What’s something that the HR team can no longer live without? The answer comes without any hesitation: “We especially appreciate the template function for emails, contracts, onboarding tasks, and the possibility of mass uploads. We process 50 change contracts per month alone and save the most time with these digital everyday helpers.”

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